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Anna from Becoming a Bentoholic posted a great bento with the word LOVE spelled in fruits and veggies during the Valentine’s Blog Hop, and she inspired today’s LOVE lunches. I wish I had the cool bento box she has, but I made do with what I had. The two lunches are very, very similar, as you will see.

Yesterday I was excited to be part of a blog hop. Please check out yesterday’s post, and then continue the hop. There are links to both hops and a linky party over at Bento Bloggers and Friends.

photo 1Today G2’s lunch spells out LOVE in silicone heart cups inside her Easy Lunchbox. First the L is baby carrots with a little Snoopy container filled with ranch dressing. the O is written with food safe marker on sliced mozzarella atop Havarti with dill. The V is a heart-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers, with a food safe marker to make a red heart inside a heart. The E is written on another sliced mozzarella heart. At the top right are some strawberries cut into the shape of hearts. In the bottom right section is a decorated cupcake with the word LOVE spelled out with alphabet food picks.

photo 2G1’s lunch also spells out LOVE, but hers isn’t done in cheese and carrots. I used tofu and cookie cutters (and a knife for the L & E) to spell LOVE in the bottom half of her Totoro Bento Box. The top section has heart-shaped strawberries and a chocolate cupcake with a Valentine’s Day face on it. In addition, she also has a Thermos filled with tomato soup.


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