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I’m on break from cute lunches this week – we are moving on Saturday and I’ve had to pack most of my bento stuff away. Due to Celiac Disease and food allergies the girls need to take lunches every day no matter what, but I’m not putting in effort to make them cute. Well, with one exception. I wanted to pack a couple St. Patrick’s Day lunches, and as that’s coming up on Monday I decided to pack a St. Pat’s lunch today.

St PatsG2 has her lucky lunch packed in an Easy Lunchbox. In the large section is cheese cut into a 4 leaf clover shape with a cookie cutter. In one silicone heart cup she has Havarti with dill cheese and a 4 leaf clover food pick. In the second cup she has multigrain gluten-free crackers and a shamrock hat cupcake ring. At the top right in the small section are a couple Glutino chocolate wafers along with a couple of the Annie’s chocolate and vanilla bunnies. At the bottom right is 1/3 of a Sumo tangerine with a leaf and a daisy food pick. If you can find Sumo tangerines, get them! They’re the easiest peel thing in the world, and they’re sweeter than Clementines or even my beloved Satsumas. I found them in Whole Foods, but other stores might have them. Pricey but delicious!

I didn’t have a St. Pat’s Lunchbox Love note, but at least it’s green!

As an aside, I bought a Juice in the Box container for G3’s lunches, and it was packed in with her snack (half day today! Yay!). We’ll see how it fares with leaking or not, and I’ll report back next week.

I’ll see you all next week for another St. Pat’s lunch on Monday, until then I’m going to pack. And then pack some more. And maybe then I’ll pack.


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