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PostHeaderIcon New Year’s Eve Traditions

ZoolightsWe are in the middle of a snowstorm here, so no bentos or school lunches today or tomorrow, the first days back after winter break. We spent New Year’s Eve partying as a family of four (G1 was with friends). We went to the Zoo’s Zoolights activity and wandered around the zoo for the second year in a row. We decided to go earlier in the season next year, as we missed the reindeer this year, and she was our favorite part of Zoolights last year. This new year is filled with a lot of changes for our family, so I’ve started a new blog, The Year of Living Change-erously. Please pop over and check it out!

NYE snacksOur family has the tradition of having quite a spread on New Year’s Eve, even though it’s just us. I love party food, I just don’t always love parties. We have a few friends who host NYE parties, so we do have places to go, we just choose not to go out and brave the potentially drunk drivers.

This year we had 8 types of cheese (!!!) and two batches of homemade gf crackers; a veggie platter with ranch dressing or hummus, as desired, and a bowl of multicolored tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole, and chili con queso for dipping. Plus, I made Buffalo wings (and Buffalo tofu for G2). We didn’t eat all of it – there were a lot of leftovers for G1 the next day and for all of us for lunch.

G1 brought my pizza crusts to her party, and they made pizzas, ate sweets, and did teenager stuff.

FTAfter our savory spread we brought out the sweets. I didn’t take a picture of the whole spread, but you can imagine it! In the container that had held the cheese and crackers I put in gluten-free Fool’s Toffee, chocolate-covered peanut butter ballschocolate truffles, and a dual-layer of white and chocolate peppermint bark.

We relaxed, warmed up, watched Despicable Me 2 & the mini minion movies, and then watched Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve until the ball dropped. It was a wonderful evening, and fun was had by all. Even if we had to watch Miley Cyrus and didn’t see a reindeer.

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