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If I have to forget something, I prefer to forget something in a way where I’m over-prepared rather than underprepared. Yesterday G2 had a half day, something that (despite it being on every calendar) I had forgotten. So, she had a lunch she didn’t eat. On the plus side, that meant I didn’t have to make a lunch for her today! G1 and G3 wanted soup on this cold day, and I was happy to oblige, it makes the lunch much quicker to prepare. All three girls have Lunchbox Love Valentine’s notes today – they prefer the joke notes, but these are fun Do You Knows. (They currently have a 25% off coupon code 14LOVE for everything in their store)

Lovin TofuG1 has a Thermos filled with Trader Joe’s tomato soup (I have yet to find a wonderful tomato soup that tastes as good as TJ’s or Pacific). In the top section of her Totoro Bento Box she has a Clementine with a leaf food pick and a silicone cup filled with Glutino lemon wafer cookies. In the bottom compartment are some hearts and flowers cut out of tofu with a bit of food safe marker decoration.

G1 had been sick with a fever and “crummy tummy” for several days, and a week of midterms prior to that, so it was nice to pack her a lunch again. I’m hoping the tomato soup and tofu are mild enough that they won’t make her tummy feel crummy at school. She was able to eat yesterday’s leftover sushi, so that was good.

Lovin soupG3 also has a Thermos filled with soup – hers is chicken and rice, though, not tomato. She prefers to have meat in everything. When I was at Marshall’s looking for new work clothes I found the Fit & Fresh containers, so I picked up a pack. G3 has oranges in one and chips in another, plus a 3D heart pick. She also has a little container from Target with Glutino chocolate wafers and a heart mini fork.


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