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Yesterday we had a snow day. I, for one, was intensely grateful for it. I so needed that quiet, relaxing time. I’ve had a headache since the week before Thanksgiving, and I’m taking a new medicine that makes me tired. Having a full day to nap and read and relax was wonderful. It left me refreshed and excited to make lunches that were a little more fun than I had been making. G2 pink hearts

G2’s lunch is a valentine in an Easy Lunchbox. I made pink sushi rice, then formed it into hearts and used a nori face punch to put faces on the valentine hearts. I used food safe marker on sliced cheese to make the valentine and to add details to the penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers in a silicone heart cup with a 3D heart. She also has Havarti with dill in a second silicone heart cup. In the top right section are two chocolate wafer cookies, and below that are some green grapes. By cutting the grapes diagonally I was able to put them together as hearts using a heart mini fork. G2’s lunch is also perked up with a Lunchbox Love Valentine’s day note.

G1 pink heartsG1 has a very similar lunch, with a few minor changes. In the top of her Totoro Bento Box she has a silicone heart cup with two chocolate wafer cookies and a 3D heart. I added some green grapes to a silicone cup, and made two into hearts with two heart mini forks. She also has a Lunchbox Love Valentine in the top section. She has some Trader Joe’s tomato soup in her Thermos, too. In the bottom section of her bento are some more hearts. She has a pink rice heart with a face, three tofu hearts with faces, and two Sweethearts candy-style hearts with HUG and LUV U written on them.

G3 pink heartsG3’s lunch is very similar to her sisters. Her Thermos has chicken and rice soup, and she has other containers to add onto her lunch. In her Fit & Fresh container she has two chocolate wafer cookies and a 3D heart in a silicone cup, and some heart-shaped grapes and other grapes in another silicone cup. I also added a Lunchbox Love Valentine to that container. She has a pink rice heart in another small container, plus a couple slices of bacon as a treat. (We had pasta carbonara with bacon on the side for the carnivores last night, and she’s the lucky recipient of the leftover bacon.)

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