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CakeYesterday, after pre-making today’s lunches, I got married. We had planned to get married with a big reception in April, but it all worked out better to have a quick, easy, and small surprise wedding on 2/2, and then we’ll have a big party this summer and exchange rings there. My oldest daughter and my mom made a cake and did the flowers at right. If you want to read more, I posted all about it on The Year of Living Change-erously.

As I was making lunches I was trying to come up with something quick and easy that also felt loving. My mom and stepdad were taking my daughters to school today, so I couldn’t have anything that required too much work in the morning, nor something that was overly involved, as I only had so much time between church and the wedding (that’s the only time I had to get anything done).

Heart penguinG2 has a penguin love lunch. Her Easy Lunchbox has a silicone cup filled with Havarti cheese and a 3D heart, then another with penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers. I also added a couple pieces of cheddar and provolone cheese in heart shapes to the large section. At the top right section is a small piece of Toblerone, two chocolate wafer cookies, and some homemade fruit leather rolled up with a heart mini fork. In the bottom right section is a clementine. She also has a penguin Squooshi that holds homemade strawberry applesauce.

Hearts and tofuG1’s lunch includes a Thermos filled with Trader Joe’s tomato soup and a Totoro Bento Box filled with other goodies. She has homemade fruit leathers rolled up with a heart mini fork in a silicone cup. In another silicone cup are two chocolate wafer cookies. Also in the top section of the bento is a clementine with a 3D heart and a tiny¬†Toblerone piece. In the bottom section are some hearts cut out of tofu with a red heart to add a bit of pizazz. A simple but filling lunch.

Heart walrusFinally, G3 has a Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup. She also has a walrus Squooshi, but hers is filled with regular applesauce. In a small container from Target are some fruit leathers rolled up and stuck with a heart and a silicone heart cup with two chocolate wafer cookies and a 3D heart, plus a little piece of Toblerone.

It’s a love-filled day!


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