PostHeaderIcon 4 days ’til Valentine’s Day!

G1 and G2 have Valentine’s day lunchboxes again. I found some cute and inexpensive scrapbook paper at Target for Valentine’s Day backgrounds, too. We had decorated cupcakes this weekend, also with decorations found at Target. I made faces, the younger girls just poured on lots of sprinkles! We had a fun time.

SWAKSomewhere on Instagram I saw someone make a sandwich into a Valentine’s Day letter, so I borrowed the idea using mozzarella cheese. In addition to the cheese and food safe marker decorations G2 has her usual lunch in her Easy Lunchbox. In one silicone heart cup she has Havarti with dill cheese and a heart mini fork. In her other cup she has penguin MOMables-inspired gf crackers, also with food safe marker detailing. In the top right section she has some carrots and a Snoopy cup of ranch dressing. At the bottom right is her chocolate cupcake with a bazillion sprinkles.

I need to stop at the grocery store this afternoon to get more fruit, so she and her sisters have carrots in place of their usual fruit in lunches.

Smile Peace LoveG1 has a Thermos filled with tomato soup and her usual Totoro Bento Box filled with other treats. In the bottom, sealed section she has 6 tofu hearts. Three have faces using a nori face punch, and three have messages like Conversation Hearts written with a pink food safe marker. In the top section is a mustachioed cupcake, a rainbow star container of ranch dressing, and a silicone cup filled with carrots.

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