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PostHeaderIcon Celebrate lunches

I took a longer-than-expected hiatus from bento blogging after our move. I have a great new place to organize all my bento tools, and 3 times as much space overall in the new house, but moving and combining two households was more overwhelming than I thought it would be! I was still making bentos, just not taking pictures and blogging. But today is the perfect day to start up again! Celebrate! Saturday was G1’s 16th birthday, and today is Cinco de Mayo!

G1 bdayG1 has the perfect lunch for her birthday. Her favorite food is lasagna, so we have leftover lasagna packed in her Thermos. I found some Captain America/Avengers lunch containers at Target (if you have younger kids they also had Sesame Street and princesses), so I packed her cupcake inside that container. She also has an M from our alphabet food picks and a few music note food picks as well as the sprinkles on top of her cupcake. I packed a piece of cheese art in her Totoro Bento Box. I used a birthday cake lunch punch and some food markers to make her 16th birthday cheese cake. The grapes in the Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container will go in with the birthday cake.

Meanwhile, G2 is obsessed with Cinco de Mayo. She’s decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party at our house today, never mind that our yard is far from perfect and we don’t have a working fence. Yeesh. Anyhow, as part of my good mom duties I made her a Cinco de Mayo lunch.

Cinco de Mayo lunchG2’s lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. She has two black bean taquitos in the large section (the easiest Mexican-ish food I could do early in the morning), a cupcake in the medium section, and grapes in the small section. To make it a little more fun the words Cinco de Mayo are spelled out with alphabet food picks. I do wish that I had something else in this, like a cheese art of some type, but I didn’t think about putting a sombrero in it until she had been dropped off at school.



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PostHeaderIcon Lumos!

Surprise! It’s a Harry Potter themed lunch! G1 and G3 have their lunches in Thermoses, so that left me with just G2’s lunch to decorate. I finally finished the paint touch-ups (I think) and all of the wall painting at the new house! Of course, that means we’ll have to start packing… Cute lunches may have to take a back seat during the move, but I have a couple more left in me before that pause happens.

HP lunchG2’s lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. In the large section of the bento she has a silicone cup with multigrain gluten-free crackers and a wizard hat and another with Havarti with Dill cheese. I used alphabet food picks to spell LUMOS – the spell in Harry Potter that creates light coming out of the wand. Below, I have a wand with orange light glowing, and a pair of glasses with a lightning scar drawn with food-safe markers. At the top right are two Glutino chocolate wafers and two chocolate macaroons. Finally, at the bottom right are some green grapes.


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PostHeaderIcon A Second Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

March 2 was Dr. Seuss‘s birthday, and because that was a Sunday I sent my girls to school with Dr. Seuss lunches on Friday and today. Here are two very similar lunches for two very different girls.

photo 1G2 has a Cat in the Hat themed lunch. I know that the cat from the CuteZCute Animal Friends cutter isn’t exactly like the Cat in the Hat, but it’s a cat and I was tired. In her Easy Lunchbox G2 has MOMables-inspired gf crackers in one silicone cup, and Havarti with Dill cheese in another cup. Stuck inside the cheese are alphabet food picks spelling out Cat and Hat. Below the cheese and crackers are a CuteZCute cat and a Cat in the Hat hat, details drawn with food-safe markers. At the top right section she has 2 macaroons and a Glutino chocolate wafer. At the bottom right is a container of diced peaches in juice. I was so busy painting over the weekend that I forgot to buy fresh fruit, so she has canned fruit. Whoops! She also has a Lunchbox Love note to make her smile.


photo 2G1 also has a bento with a Cat in the Hat theme. She has tomato soup in her Thermos, and other goodies in her Totoro Bento Box. In the top section at the top left she has a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container with sliced oranges (we call them orange smiles) and a silicone cup with chocolate macaroons and a chocolate wafer. In the bottom section is a CuteZCute cat and a Cat in the Hat hat I decorated using food-safe markers. G1 also has a Lunchbox Love note to give her a boost half-way through her day.

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PostHeaderIcon Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

March 2 is Dr. Seuss‘s birthday. Sadly, that’s a Sunday, so not a day for packing bentos. However, on the plus side, I can pack Dr. Seuss bentos today and on Monday, celebrating his birthday on two days rather than just on one! I have been very busy painting all the rooms in our new house, so I didn’t have a lot of time, and these were very simple lunches.

Dr SeussG2 has a simple Dr. Seuss theme in her Easy Lunchbox. G2 was just saying “One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish” over and over the other day, so I added two mozzarella fish and a Cat in the Hat hat to her slice of leftover gf pizza in the large section of her bento. Just in case my intention wasn’t clear, I used a heart cookie cutter with the mozzarella cheese and wrote Dr. Seuss’s name on it with food-safe markers. I also added some polka dot food picks to the grapes at the top right, because they reminded me of some of the funny plants in the Seussical worlds. She has some Glutino chocolate wafers in the section at the bottom right. I need to bake cookies this weekend – this past weekend was too busy with painting to do any baking. We’re running really low on baked goods!


1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fishG3 has another One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish themed lunch in her Totoro Bento Box, and tomato soup in her Thermos to keep her warm on this very cold day. In the top section of the bento she has Glutino chocolate wafers in a silicone cup. In a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has green grapes with the word FISH written out of alphabet food picks. In the bottom section she has One fish, Two fish (with the word TWO in alphabet picks), Red fish, Blue fish (with the word BLUE in alphabet picks) tofu. I also made a Cat in the Hat hat and a heart to hold the word blue. The coloring is done with food-safe markers and food coloring.

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PostHeaderIcon M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

My daughters don’t always request special lunches. Sometimes G2 will beg for a My Little Pony or Pokemon lunch, or yesterday G1 asked for tofu pandas, but usually they’re just happy to get whatever I make. Today, though, G2 and G3 both asked for Mickey Mouse lunches. And I can’t think of Mickey Mouse without thinking of the Mousketeers theme song, something I’m not sure my girls even know, other than the few lines I sing periodically. I was glad to find out that I had all the letters to spell out Mickey’s name across two lunches, though.

photo 2G2 has a pretty simple Mickey Mouse lunch in her Easy Lunchbox. I got some Mickey Mouse food picks through eBay, and I’ve put Mickey hands into her grapes in the section at the top left. I used alphabet food picks to write out MICKEY, sticking them into  Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies at the bottom left. In the main section of her ELB G2 has Havarti with dill cheese in one silicone cup, and heart-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers in another cup. At the bottom of the main section is a Mickey Mouse silhouette on Provolone cheese which I made using two sizes of circle cookie cutters and food-safe markers. I’ve also included a Lunchbox Love note in her lunch to make her smile.


photo 1G3’s lunch is also a Mickey Mouse theme, and is also packed in an Easy Lunchbox. At the top right are two Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies, one with a Mickey head sticking out of it, and one with the word MOUSE in alphabet food picks. At the bottom right are grapes with a Mickey hand and a Mickey head sticking out of them. In the main section of the ELB are two silicone cups, each with two Nut Thins cracker sandwiches with chocolate hazelnut spread. I used food-safe markers to draw a Mickey silhouette on the crackers, too. She also has a Lunchbox Love note joke that will make her smile, and make her friend who searches her lunches for jokes smile, too.

I’m really glad that even though my kids are older than most bento-making parents’ kids, they still love getting a special lunch. The few times I’ve made a “normal” lunch since I started making bentos, they’ve complained. They tell me how much their friends look forward to seeing what I’ve done, which really makes me smile, and makes me want to keep making cute lunches.


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PostHeaderIcon Penguin and panda packed lunches

I spent 7 hours yesterday prepping for painting and painting. We painted 3 rooms in that time, plus I did 2 ceilings. Dinner last night was a sign of sheer brilliance – we had vegetarian chili in the crock pot. Lunches today are pretty simple after all that work last night.

photo 3G2’s go-to lunch subject is penguins. I have a few different penguin food picks, and a few penguin cookie cutters, so I can mix it up a bit. Today, in her Easy Lunchbox she has strawberries in the top left compartment with the word YUM spelled out with alphabet food picks. At the bottom left are a pink penguin and a blue fish food picks stuck in two  Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies. In the large section at the right is one silicone cup with a blue penguin food pick and a fish stuck into Havarti cheese with dill. Another silicone cup has penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers with detailing done with food-safe markers. I also used fish and penguin shaped cookie cutters to cut provolone cheese, plus I used food-safe markers for the details. Ta da! A penguin lunch that was put together in under 15 minutes.

photo 1G1’s go-to lunch is pandas. I have several different panda cutters, and that makes creating panda lunches really easy. Some days I need easy! At left G1 has the top of her Totoro Bento Box packed with goodies. She has two Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies with two different panda food picks. She also has a homemade flower  chocolate lollipop, and in a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has strawberries with more pandas. In the bottom section at right she has a panda cut out of tofu using the CuteZCute animal friends cutter and two little panda tofu. She also has a Thermos filled with tomato soup to help keep her warm on this cold day.


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PostHeaderIcon LOVE you lunches

Anna from Becoming a Bentoholic posted a great bento with the word LOVE spelled in fruits and veggies during the Valentine’s Blog Hop, and she inspired today’s LOVE lunches. I wish I had the cool bento box she has, but I made do with what I had. The two lunches are very, very similar, as you will see.

Yesterday I was excited to be part of a blog hop. Please check out yesterday’s post, and then continue the hop. There are links to both hops and a linky party over at Bento Bloggers and Friends.

photo 1Today G2’s lunch spells out LOVE in silicone heart cups inside her Easy Lunchbox. First the L is baby carrots with a little Snoopy container filled with ranch dressing. the O is written with food safe marker on sliced mozzarella atop Havarti with dill. The V is a heart-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers, with a food safe marker to make a red heart inside a heart. The E is written on another sliced mozzarella heart. At the top right are some strawberries cut into the shape of hearts. In the bottom right section is a decorated cupcake with the word LOVE spelled out with alphabet food picks.

photo 2G1’s lunch also spells out LOVE, but hers isn’t done in cheese and carrots. I used tofu and cookie cutters (and a knife for the L & E) to spell LOVE in the bottom half of her Totoro Bento Box. The top section has heart-shaped strawberries and a chocolate cupcake with a Valentine’s Day face on it. In addition, she also has a Thermos filled with tomato soup.


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PostHeaderIcon M-I-C-K-E-Y


As I was putting together these lunches, the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Club/Mouseketeers kept going around in my head. I stopped in at Michael’s last night to pick up a couple things, and also picked up some scrapbooking papers to use as background for bento pics. Seeing this Mickey Mouse paper on sale and remembering my Mickey food picks prompted me to make a series of Mickey Mouse lunches for today. One of my children may have decided I’ve gone around the bend if I’m buying papers for background, but ah well.

G2 MickeyG2’s lunch is the Mickey-est. In her Easy Lunchbox she has, at left, a silicone heart cup filled with MOMables-inspired gluten-free crackers and another with Havarti with dill cheese with the word Mickey in alphabet food picks. Below the cups is a Mickey face made with cheddar cheese, circle cookie cuttersfood coloring, and food-safe markers. In with the crackers and in with the chocolate covered peanut butter ball are Mickey Mouse head food picks. Mickey’s hand is in with some grapes, too.

G1 MickeyG1’s lunch has minimal Mickey Mouse. She has a Thermos with leftover pasta, sauce, and sausage from last night. In her Snoopy bento box she has a couple Glutino lemon wafer cookies and a satsuma. Mickey’s hand is reaching out from inside the satsuma. If Mickey has been eating the satsuma from inside, he’s lucky to be enjoying the sweet deliciousness of the satsuma. As an east coast girl, I had never heard of a satsuma until I started listening to the Maximum Fun podcasts. I thought they were just a west coast version of a clementine, but then I found some and tried it. Wow! Yum! Highly recommended.

G3 MickeyG3’s lunch has a medium Mickey level. She has another hand-painted (poorly, but I want points for trying) Mickey head in a silicone heart cup in her Easy Lunchbox. In the same section she has four slices of honey ham skewered with Mickey heads and Mickey hands. On the right she has a chocolate covered peanut butter ball  in one section and grapes in another. I’m hoping the grapes won’t somehow leak all over the rest of the food, as that seems to be G3’s ongoing lunch problem. Not in the picture is her snack of a Bakery on Main granola bar and a Honeycrisp apple.


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PostHeaderIcon Every snowflake is unique

Though, if you’re using snowflake cookie cutters, they’re all pretty similar. In this first-day-back-from-vacation set of lunches, everyone has snowflakes in their lunches, but every lunch is different. We got between a foot and a foot and a half of snow on January 2, and schools were closed on the 2nd and 3rd, so snow is very much still on our minds.

Cheese snowflakesG2’s lunch is mainly a bunch of snowflakes. In her Easy Lunchbox‘s largest section she has one silicone heart cup with homemade gluten-free crackers, and in the other she has Havarti with dill cheese and the word SNOW in alphabet food picks. She also has a little blue translucent penguin in with the crackers. In the top small section she has two gluten-free Oreo-style cookies from Trader Joe’s, and in the final section she has a clementine with a bumblebee food pick. I found out during our field trip to the aquarium that the crackers get soggy if the cheese is packed with them, so I chose to put them in separate silicone  cups to reduce that possibility.

Tofu SnowflakesG1’s lunch is packed in a Thermos and a Totoro Bento Box. Her Thermos is full of tomato soup. In the sealed section of her bento she has some tofu cut into the shape of a snowflake, plus a snowflake food pick. In the upper, vented section she has two gf Joe’s Os in a silicone  cup. For fruit she has some pineapple chunks in a rectangular box that I found at Target, decorated with another snowflake.

While G1 and G2 have Meatless Monday lunches, G3 wouldn’t agree to any of the meatless options, so she has a Monday with meat.

Ham and cheese snowflakesG3’s lunch is packed in two Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies and a Snoopy bento box. In the purple Bento Buddy she has two Joe’s Os in a silicone  cup and one chocolate-covered pretzel. In the pink Bento Buddy she has 3 slices of ham skewered with snowflake food picks and a star food pick. Additionally, she has three cheddar cheese snowflakes and an elephant food pick. In her Snoopy bento she has a rectangular container from Target with pineapple chunks with a snowflake food pick and an elephant. She also has a chocolate covered peanut-butter ball in a silicone bunny cup.


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PostHeaderIcon Snow and Flake lunches

Today G2 had leftover Corn & Bean Quesadillas for lunch, and despite some wintery food picks, it never looked very festive. I forgot to take a picture of it, too. Her sisters’ lunches are a bit cuter. My 3 week long migraine is taking its toll on my creativity.

Snow stocking G3

G3’s lunch is packed into an Easy Lunchbox. In the large section she has a B(no L, no T) sandwich cut into the shape of a stocking. G3 rarely eats the bread in her sandwiches, so I stuffed a bunch of bacon into one slice of bread cut into two stockings. The snowflake pick holds the sandwich together, and the mittens snowglobe food pick adds some festive-ness. At the top left is a vegetarian rice krispie treat with mini Christmas MnMs and a polka dot food pick. In the larger top section there are some Honeycrisp apple sections with a princess crown food pick. At right is a Snoopy bento snack box, and packed inside is a snack for G3. She has another rice krispie treat in a silicone cup as well as some more Honeycrisp apple sections with the word SNOW written with alphabet food picks.

Flake G1

G1’s lunch is flakes. Sadly, not the Cadbury Flake. But, this is healthier, I guess. Definitely less chocolatey, though. In her Snoopy bento box she has some pineapple in a mini dipper and a rice krispie in a silicone cup, both of which have polka dot food picks. In a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container G1 has 2 large snowflakes cut out of tofu, a snowflake pick, and the word FLAKE spelled out in alphabet food picks.



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