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PostHeaderIcon First St. Patrick’s Day Lunch

I’m on break from cute lunches this week – we are moving on Saturday and I’ve had to pack most of my bento stuff away. Due to Celiac Disease and food allergies the girls need to take lunches every day no matter what, but I’m not putting in effort to make them cute. Well, with one exception. I wanted to pack a couple St. Patrick’s Day lunches, and as that’s coming up on Monday I decided to pack a St. Pat’s lunch today.

St PatsG2 has her lucky lunch packed in an Easy Lunchbox. In the large section is cheese cut into a 4 leaf clover shape with a cookie cutter. In one silicone heart cup she has Havarti with dill cheese and a 4 leaf clover food pick. In the second cup she has multigrain gluten-free crackers and a shamrock hat cupcake ring. At the top right in the small section are a couple Glutino chocolate wafers along with a couple of the Annie’s chocolate and vanilla bunnies. At the bottom right is 1/3 of a Sumo tangerine with a leaf and a daisy food pick. If you can find Sumo tangerines, get them! They’re the easiest peel thing in the world, and they’re sweeter than Clementines or even my beloved Satsumas. I found them in Whole Foods, but other stores might have them. Pricey but delicious!

I didn’t have a St. Pat’s Lunchbox Love note, but at least it’s green!

As an aside, I bought a Juice in the Box container for G3’s lunches, and it was packed in with her snack (half day today! Yay!). We’ll see how it fares with leaking or not, and I’ll report back next week.

I’ll see you all next week for another St. Pat’s lunch on Monday, until then I’m going to pack. And then pack some more. And maybe then I’ll pack.


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PostHeaderIcon Springing bunnies and flowers

I’m continuing the theme of spring from yesterday’s lunch. The weather is supposed to be above freezing today, so I’m a bit more hopeful about spring coming soon. I can’t wait to see the crocuses and forsythia blooming!

Flower1G2 has a spring lunch in her Easy Lunchbox. In the large section of her bento she has two silicone flower cups, one holding Havarti with dill cheese and the other holding  multigrain gluten-free crackers. I used a decorative cutter to cut flowers out of American and mozzarella cheese to prettify her lunch. The cheese also has a bunny food pick, and I added a butterfly pick for decoration. In the top right section are some green grapes with a hopping bunny food pick. Finally, at the bottom right is a cupcake made by G3 with a third type of bunny food pick.


Flower2G1 also has a springy lunch, and hers is packed in her Totoro Bento Box, with tomato soup in her Thermos. At the top right she has a cupcake made by her youngest sister, with heart sprinkles and a bunny. She also has a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container with green grapes and a leaping bunny. At the bottom right she has tofu flowers made with the decorative cutter and sliced carrots, with another leaping bunny.


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PostHeaderIcon Froggies and flowers

It’s getting close to spring! Not that our part of New England has heard about it, but that’s what the calendar is saying. We’re getting tired of below-freezing temps and hoping for flowers to bloom and to see frogs when we go to the pond. Today’s lunches are reminders that spring is around the corner.

Froggy 1G2 has a froggy lunch in her Easy Lunchbox. At the top left is a Lunchbox Love note that has a frog joke. Inside the bento are two silicone cups – on the left are some multigrain gluten-free crackers and on the right is Havarti with dill cheese and a frog food pick. (As an aside, we were listening to the Muppets while we painted, and seeing a blue frog reminds me of the song I’m in love with a big blue frog…” which we love. I hope G2 remembers it, too!) Also in the large section of the bento is a frog cut out of cheese with the CuteZCute animal friends cutter and a few flowers cut out of cheese. At the top right are some green grapes with another frog. At the bottom right is one of the cupcakes G3 made for everyone and a flower food pick.


Froggy 2G1 also has a froggy lunch. She has nice hot tomato soup in her Thermos, and cold goodies in her Totoro Bento Box. At left, in the top section, is one of the cupcakes G3 made in a silicone cup and another silicone cup and a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container with green grapes, a frog, a ladybug, and a leaf. At right, in the bottom section of the bento is a frog cut out of tofu with the CuteZCute cutter and some flowers cut out with a vegetable cutter. I also included a Lunchbox Love note to make her smile. Her school had 2 bomb threats on Tuesday, so she’s a little nervous about being in school today. It’s nice to have the Lunchbox Love notes to send a little love in her lunch!


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PostHeaderIcon Springy lunches in response to snow

It snowed yesterday! Unfortunately, in the minds of my children, it didn’t snow enough for us to get a snow day. It didn’t actually even snow enough to stick on the ground, and melted immediately. However, amid my joy that my headache MRI was normal (yay!!!), I wasn’t thrilled with the snow, and packed food for the girls that was more appropriate for spring.

Springy snacksG1 and G3 both have half days today. G1 doesn’t get snack in high school, so she doesn’t have anything packed. G3, though, wanted a “big snack” because of her half day (she usually eats lunch around 11, and they don’t get out until 12). I’m sure my dad will take her somewhere fun for lunch, but ideally she won’t be grouchy when he picks her up.

Clockwise from the top, in 3 Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers G3 has, Trader Joe’s scoop chips and a clementine with a leaf and a bee. Next she has a vegetarian Christmas rice krispie treat with a frog and a bunny food pick. Finally she has some Green Mountain Gringo salsa, one of our favorite salsas ever.

Green Mountain Gringo Salsa was one of the first to proclaim that it’s gluten-free in the labeling, and that won my loyalty right off the bat. This was back before foods were required by US law to label for allergens, and I was calling companies daily. A parents of kids with allergies and/or Celiac, we’re so much better off now than we were 10 years ago!

Springy lunch

G2 is the only one of the girls to not have a half day, as she’s in the local Charter school. Because it’s Wednesday, a play rehearsal day, she’ll actually be in school until 5. Their rehearsals are absurdly long. 2 1/2 hours twice a week for months seems excessive to put on The Little Mermaid. She isn’t planning to be in the second play.

G2’s lunch is fun, at least. In her Thermos she has leftover spaghetti and marinara sauce. She’s a vegetarian, so instead of the sausage I usually put in G1’s spaghetti, I cut a half dozen bunnies out of sliced mozzarella using this bunny cutter to put on top of her sketti. In her Snoopy bento box she has some baby carrots with hummus and a flower and a ladybug food pick. She also has a Bento Buddy with a  bunny and a frog food pick, another bunny and a mushroom food pick, all in a Christmas rice krispie treat.

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