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Last night we went to see The Lego Movie. We all highly recommend it! It was really great! And, while we’ve hit the jackpot with the past 2 movies we’ve seen (Frozen was the other one), it is rare to have all 4 of us (42, 15, 13, 10) love the same movie. And the soundtrack. Everything is awesome! Anyhow, we had frozen pizza doctored with extra cheese and toppings for dinner before the movie, and that means leftovers for lunch!

Snoopy loveG1 and G3 have the same lunch as G2, just in different containers, so I’m just posting the one lunch. In her Easy Lunchbox, G2 has a chocolate cupcake with a bazillion sprinkles at the top left, plus a 3D heart. At the bottom left she has some green grapes and a red grape sliced diagonally and put back together in a heart shape with a heart mini fork. There’s another 3D heart in with the grapes, too. In the large section of the ELB G2 has two slices of olive pizza with Snoopy in a heart written on cheese with food safe marker on top. In a mini silicone cup is a red foil chocolate heart. She also has a Lunchbox Love Valentine’s day note to make her feel special.


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PostHeaderIcon Snoopy as Cupid

My darling daughters have decided that Snoopy is the new Cupid. They say that you don’t see Cupid around Valentine’s day, but you see Snoopy all over the place, so therefore Snoopy is the new Cupid. Well, since we’re in the lead-up to Valentine’s day, I made Snoopy heart lunches for my older two daughters today (G3 is staying home sick with my mom with a 102 fever).

Snoopy love pizzaG2 has leftover pizza in her Easy Lunchbox. I used a Snoopy stencil to get Snoopy just right using a food safe marker. The hearts I drew free-hand. I also added a 3D heart pick and a heart mini fork to perk up the leftover olive pizza. Also in the large container is a Lunchbox Love Valentine’s note.(They currently have a 25% off coupon code 14LOVE for everything in their store.) In the top right section are two gluten-free Oreos, a heart and a dark chocolate Toblerone piece. In the bottom right section are some baby carrots and a Woodstock cup filled with Trader Joe’s hummus.

Snoopy love tofuJust like yesterday, G1 has a Thermos filled with Trader Joe’s tomato soup. The rest of her lunch is packed in her Totoro Bento Box, which is remarkably sturdy and works with many different lunches. As anyone who has read the blog for a while knows, one of her favorites is tomato soup and tofu, and that’s what she has today. I used the Snoopy stencil on the tofu and used a small heart cookie cutter to make hearts, plus adding the heart mini forks to perk up the plain white tofu. In the top section she has a couple of Glutino lemon wafer cookies in a silicone cup, plus a Clementine and a small piece of Toblerone. She also has a Lunchbox Love note, this one is about a huge tarantula, something G1 will find interesting, but would horrify G2!

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PostHeaderIcon A Very Snoopy Christmas

photo(13)We love, love, love the A Charlie Brown Christmas special, and we watch it over and over again. I’ve been having an ongoing headache (3 weeks today!), so we’re watching it a little more often than usual. I spent yesterday at church, then getting an MRI, then baking our muffins, bread, etc for the week. I had put some pinto beans in the crock pot for dinner, and planned to have G2 and G3 make cornbread, but I rallied and got that done. The extra painkillers I’m on for a few days have helped a bit, but there’s still pain. That makes me tired and less willing to do fun things. I end up feeling really guilty about that later, so I wanted to make quick, cute lunches for my girls to somewhat make up for snapping at them for singing Pokemon and My Little Pony songs constantly.

Beau at Lunchbox Dad made a Charlie Brown Christmas Lunch, and used a Babybel cheese to make Snoopy & his doghouse. After finding a big bag of Babybels at BJ’s, I figured it was worth a try. So, here are Snoopy Christmas lunches 3 ways, all using the same cutter forms, but using different protein sources in each. The girls asked for the Lunchbox Love jokes in plastic sleeves, so those are included. They aren’t as excited about the Lunchbox Love Christmas notes, and would like them a lot better if they were Christmas jokes!

Snoopy Xmas G3

G3’s lunch is a B(no L, no T) sandwich in her Easy Lunchbox. I used Snoopy and Woodstock molds to cut the bread, and then used food-safe markers on toasted homemade gf bread to make them look more like the characters. She also has a Snoopy doghouse made from a Babybel cheese and food-safe markers. At the top left she has a rice krispie treat with mini Christmas M&Ms and a snowflake pick. At the top right she has part of a giant orange, plus a snowman snowglobe food pick. In her pink Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has Pirate’s Booty, and in a Snoopy snack box she has more of the giant orange, and a (apparently invisible in the photo) Christmas-colored meringue. The alphabet food picks in the orange spell out XMAS.

Snoopy Winter G2

In G2’s Easy Lunchbox she also has lunch cut using the Snoopy and Woodstock molds. She, however, has a cheese quesadilla cut into Snoopy & Woodstock shapes, with details added using food-safe markers. She also has a Snoopy & doghouse Babybel cheese in the same section. In the top left section G2 has a Christmas rice krispie treat, with a Christmas meringue on top, plus a snowflake. The top right section has the final sections of the giant orange that she’s sharing with G3, along with a mittens snowglobe food pick. As in the past, G2 and G1 have their salt & vinegar chips/Pirate Booty/Smart Puffs of choice in an accordion container. I wrote about our lunch packing extras here.

Snoopy Snow G1G1 also has a Snoopy and Woodstock themed lunch. She has tomato soup in her Thermos, and has everything else in her Totoro Bento Box. At top is the lower, sealed section, she has a Snoopy and doghouse Babybel cheese in a silicone heart cup. She also has Snoopy and Woodstock cut out of tofu and detailed using food-safe markers. At bottom is the upper container, which is vented. In silicone cups are a Christmas meringue and a Christmas-themed rice krispie treat, plus a snowflake pick. I packed her pinapple chunks in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper container along with a snowflake.

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PostHeaderIcon First Lunches in Snoopy Bentos

I had found three Snoopy bento boxes on eBay, and ordered them about a month ago. They arrived yesterday, and I absolutely had to make lunches in them! I had originally ordered them with the thought that they would work really well for G3’s snack boxes, or when G1 has a hearty lunch in her Thermos, but today everyone had to have Snoopy! Thankfully, when they all looked at them, they each had a different favorite. Phew!

I also included  Lunchbox Love jokes in plastic sleeves in the girls’ lunches. I need a couple days before I pull out the Christmas Lunchbox Love notes, but those are coming soon. I bought the Holiday Set a while ago, and that has meant that I don’t need to worry about it now.

Snoopy Lunch G1

We had a fun time Monday night watching A Charlie Brown Christmas together as a part of our Family Home Evening. I just love, love, love that show! I also love that my kids can enjoy these “old” tv specials as much as I did as a kid (and still do!).

G1 wanted a filling lunch in her Thermos – gf spaghetti, marinara, and slices of chicken sausage. This meant that it was very easy to fill her Snoopy bento with the last few treats she wanted in her lunch. On the left are some baby carrots and sliced celery in a silicone heart cup, with a homemade Snoopy food pick, and a little blue panda container filled with ranch dressing. At the right, for her dessert, G1 has a chocolate chip gluten-free muffin in a silicone heart cup.

Snoopy Lunch G2

G2 went back to school today after a six day weekend (I want one of those!), so I wanted to put in a little extra effort into her lunch.

At the top left, in her Snoopy bento box, G2 has a gluten-free chocolate chip cheesecake inside a silicone heart cup, with a homemade Snoopy food pick on top. At the right are some slices of Honeycrisp apple (dipped in diluted lemon juice to keep them from browning). I separated the apples from the cheesecake by putting the apples in a small Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container. In a medium Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container G2 has three Snoopy and Woodstock provolone & mustard sandwiches on homemade gluten-free bread. I used Snoopy & Woodstock rice molds and food-safe markers to make the details on the little sandwiches.

Snoopy Lunch G3

G3 has a half day today for parent/teacher conferences. As a result, she just needed a filling snack rather than a snack and a lunch. In her Snoopy bento box she has a chocolate chip cheesecake in silicone heart cup, and a homemade Snoopy food pick. In a small Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container, G3 has some sliced Honeycrisp apple wedges.

As much as I didn’t want to believe the hype, it’s amazing how much my kids loooove the Honeycrisp apples! G3 will eat almost any apple anyhow, but she and G2 simply devour the Honeycrisp apples. G1 still won’t touch apples, but if I only bought things when all three girls liked them, I’d have a much shorter shopping list.

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