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PostHeaderIcon Valentine’s Blog Hop

Today I’m really excited to be a part of a blog hop! The Bento Bloggers and Friends group is hosting two Valentine’s Day Blog Hops today, and after looking at my bentos please be sure to hop over to Perry’s Dreams, Schemes, and Bento Themes blog and continue hopping!

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I have 3 daughters, and today I’m featuring the lunches for the older two. The youngest’s lunch is just chicken soup, grapes, and a cupcake, so nothing fun today! All three girls also have Lunchbox Love Valentine’s Day notes in their lunches.

Luvdisc Lunch

G2’s lunch is a return to the Pokémon lunches. In her Easy Lunchbox I’ve packed a silicone heart cup filled with penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers, and I used a food safe marker to add some details. She has another heart cup with Havarti with dill cheese and a cute 3D heart to jazz it up. I used food dye to color the sushi rice and paint cheese to make two Luvdisc Pokémon. I used a nori face punch for the eyes and a circle punch to make the cheeks and lips out of sliced mozzarella cheese. I hope she likes them!

In the top right section of her  ELB are four strawberries cut into heart shapes. At the bottom right is a gluten-free chocolate cupcake that G2 and G3 over sprinkled. I added a little chocolate heart in red foil as a treat – G2 is spending the day “shadowing” a student at a private school she’s hoping to attend, so getting a little chocolate is rather like getting an energy and love boost.

I <3 UG1’s lunch is simpler – she wouldn’t appreciate a Pokémon lunch. In her Thermos is tomato soup to keep her warm on a cold day. The rest of her lunch is packed in a Totoro Bento Box. At left, in the top section, are strawberries cut into heart shapes and decorated with a 3D heart. Her cupcake is decorated with some face candies I found at Target rather than a bazillion sprinkles. In the bottom section of her bento she has three tofu hearts that say I Love U, plus a pink sushi rice heart with a nori face on top.


Click the blog hop image to hop on over to Perry’s blog to see what she’s done for Valentine’s Day, then keep hopping to see all the blogs on today’s blog hops!


If you’ve come back to my blog after making the rounds of the 2nd Blog Hop, start here to check out the first blog hop!

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PostHeaderIcon Froakie Lunch

It’s been a while since I made a Pokemon lunch, and while I’ve really liked making 3D Pokemon out of rice, this time I only had time to draw a Pokemon onto the cheese for her pizza. Everyone was sick yesterday, and my headache has been hurting, so we didn’t have any good lunches yesterday. Today’s lunch was simple – leftover pizza, and G2’s lunch was the one decorated to look cute. (G1 is still home sick with a fever.)

When we were talking about what they wanted for lunch last night, G2 told me, “My friend comes in with prepackaged cookies, prepackaged chips, and a soup. How do people live that way? No cute lunches! It’s sad.” So she gets the cutest lunch today!

FroakieIn G2’s Easy Lunchbox she has two leftover slices of homemade gluten-free pizza. On top of the pizza is a slice of cheese on which I drew a Froakie using food safe markers. In the top right section she has two Joe’s Joes, Trader Joe’s gluten-free oreos, and in the bottom right section she has a Chebe bread mix panda. Finally, in her Squooshi penguin she has some applesauce I blended with leftover strawberries. Overall a pretty yummy lunch, and one that will fill her up until she comes home. No more play practice, so she’ll be home at a reasonable time again!

G3 also had an Easy Lunchbox with all the same ingredients, but her Squooshi was filled with regular applesauce.

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PostHeaderIcon Random Pandas and 2 other Random lunches

I had one specific lunch decoration request, then the rest was an exhausted lunch-packing group of randomness. The older girls went ice skating, so I let G3 watch one of her favorite shows, The Vicar of Dibley, while I worked on my NaNoWriMo novel. Time went far too quickly, and too soon the older girls were home and it was past bedtime. On the plus side, I got 3 pairs of used skates for $6!

Here are the lunches in random order:

Random PikachuG3 wasn’t very happy with yesterday’s What Does The Fox Say lunch, so when she said she insisted on a Pikachu BL(noT) sandwich on homemade gluten-free bread, I muttered about her being unappreciative happily complied. The eyes, cheeks, and tongue for Pikachu are colored with food-safe markers. In her Easy Lunchbox I included a brownie and some Honeycrisp apples, along with Pikachu’s name spelled out using alphabet food picks. I realized belatedly that you really need more than one set of those in order to spell words in more than one lunch. Or even to spell 1 kid’s name (with 1 set I can’t make any of their names, never mind more than one kid’s name).

Random SnacksIn her Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies snack box  she has another brownie, a few Honeycrisp sections, and a few pieces of pineapple. I added a couple crown food picks, because she’s a princess. She’s my animal lover, so I also threw in a puppy & a bunny food pick, and stuck the pineapple in a couple animal silicone cups.

Because all of today’s lunches were random, I also added random Lunchbox Love jokes. While the girls like the little facts and inspirational Thanksgiving notes, they love the jokes.

Random PandaG1 asked me to put last night’s leftover spaghetti, sauce, and sausage in her Thermos. In her Totoro Bento Box she has some pineapple with panda food picks inside silicone heart cups. In the top section she has two brownies, again in silicone heart cups with different panda food picks. Because we use the plastic sleeves for the Lunchbox Love jokes, I was able to reuse G2’s joke from Tuesday in G1’s Wednesday lunch! Yay me!

Random MonstersEven with the understanding that today’s lunches were random, G2’s lunch looks especially random. She has leftover gluten-free pizza in her Easy Lunchbox. I added the mouth from a Sully (Monsters U) Lip Pop to her pizza and added a couple spooky candy eyeballs I bought on clearance locally after Halloween. In the top right she has a brownie with the word “BYE” written using the alphabet food picks. I had trouble coming up with a good monster word, so bye it was. In the bottom right she has Mike (Monsters U) Lip pop mouth with a solitary candy eye

Very random lunches, but they definitely fit the personalities of each child!


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PostHeaderIcon Pick your own lunch adventure

No theme today other than easy for me. While I love that my daughters have such individual tastes, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to have to change gears. Overall, though, this day’s lunches are mostly the same ingredients with different decorations. You may notice that all 3 girls have unfrosted cupcakes. I don’t have any problems with frosting, in fact I tend to prefer frosting to cake, but I ran out of time last night, what with NaNoWriMo daily word counts, supervising homework, driving around to pick up G2 from some volunteer work, and other miscellaneous stuff. I’ll frost them this afternoon.

Pandas with bambooPineapple dessert pandasG1 has a Thermos of tomato soup. The bottom of her Totoro Bento Box has some tofu pandas cut using the CuteZCute Animal Palz, plus some fried tofu and lettuce in the background to represent bamboo. In the top section she has a panda pick with pineapple chunks inside a Lock & Lock. She also has an unfrosted chocolate cupcake and a few gf pretzels dipped in chocolate, all with a few panda decorations.

Elephant lunch party

After yesterday’s miscalculation with G2’s lunch, today’s lunch included extra elephants. After I packed her lunch, she, of course, reminded me that elephants aren’t her favorite. Yes, I knew that. Her favorite animal is a white tiger. I’ve never seen a white tiger bento decoration, though I’ll keep looking. Maybe if I make another kitty made from the CuteZcute cutter I can add stripes to make it a white tiger… Anyhow, G2 has chicken noodle soup in a Thermos today. Also, in her Easy Lunchbox, G2 has a piece of gf bread cut into an elephant shape with an elephant sandwich cutter, and made cheesy with a slice of mozzarella. The ear, eye, and mouth are cut out of nori. In the top section she has some gf pretzels dipped in chocolate and an unfrosted gf chocolate cupcake with an elephant food pick. She also has, in her Bento Buddies snack box, a clementine and a second mini gf cupcake, plus some more elephant food picks.

Awesome Pikachu

Our family talks a lot about being awesome. My pseudonym for my (very unusual) married last name was awesome spelled a little differently. G2 still uses it, and G3 just uses the usual spelling of awesome. When I saw the food picks that included the one that says “You’re Awesome!” I had to pick them up! G2 had a very, very long day yesterday, so she needed a little pick-me-up today, and that awesome food pick was perfect. In the top left section of her ELB is clementine with a bow food pick. On the right is an unfrosted gf cupcake with a small handful of gf pretzels dipped in chocolate. I love this cute biting penguin food pick, so I had to add that, too. In the large section is a Pikachu provolone sandwich, with some highlighting done using food-safe markers.

All in all, these are 3 very easy lunches, each personalized very quickly. Having an assortment of food picks helps so much! Add in a variety of sandwich cutters and you’ve made some rather boring lunches much more fun and very individual!

PostHeaderIcon Torchic and a Friend Ball

torchic friend ballAfter a week and a half break for other lunches, including Halloween, Minions, and Harry Potter, G2 again requested a Pokemon lunch last night. After much googling to find out what a Torchic and a Friend ball (one of the many Pokeball types – here I thought there was only one!), I attempted the challenge.

Three things made this Pokemon lunch work. 1) new decorative cutters I bought to make perfect circles and exact shapes; 2) food-safe markers; 3) soy paper (I found my soy paper near the seaweed at Whole Foods for half the price of Amazon). Soy paper is so, so, so much easier to work with than nori! I just wish it had darker colors. Having very good quality food dye also helps a lot to make Pokemon rice balls, too.

Packed into her pink Laptop Lunchbox, G2 has a Friend Ball made of tofu cut using a circle cutter, then fried and topped with soy paper, with a white center dot of provolone cheese. In a silicone cup you see two “regular” Pokeballs made of fried tofu, decorated just with food-safe markers. The smaller Pokeballs are cut and pressed using a Pokemon sandwich cutter/press set I found on ebay. Torchic is made with food dye and sushi rice, made into a circle with a ramekin we have at home. I cut the feathery parts and beak out of soy paper. The eyes are made of nori, with white circles of provolone cheese. On the right is a clementine with a ladybug and flower food pick, then a chocolate cupcake with chick food picks made out of stickers.

G2 and G3 were really impressed when I showed them! G3 is very hard to impress, and very comfortable criticizing, so I’m pleased. G2 also had a Halloween Lunch Joke, I don’t have any Pokemon ones.

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PostHeaderIcon A Pokémon Lunch with Cyndaquil

G2 continues to beg for Pokémon lunches. Her absolute favorite Pokémon is Cyndaquil. Unfortunately, that’s not an easy Pokémon to recreate using food, and it’s not one that’s as popular as Pikachu, so there are no commercially available punches or presses in Cyndaquil’s shape. This is my first attempt at Cyndaquil.

Pokemon lunch


On the left side of this Easy Lunchbox is a provolone sandwich cut into a Pikachu shape and pressed using these Pokemon sandwich cutters. I toasted the bread and added a little red and black using food markers. Near the sandwich there are also homemade fruit roll-ups in a silicone bear-shaped cup and homemade goldfish in another silicone mini-muffin cup. On the right at the top is a chocolate cupcake with a slightly misshapen maple leaf (the fondant was too warm when I was working on it). Finally we have my first attempt at Cyndaquil. I started by making two rice balls and shaping them together. I didn’t quite get the right shape for his snout, but I tried.. Next I painted his back with blue food coloring gel. I also painted part of a piece of provolone cheese for the top of Cyndaquil’s head. Nori was cut out for arms, legs, eye, and nostril. Finally I cut apple peel and carrot into spiky shapes to represent Cyndaquil’s flames.

Overall, this wasn’t the best Pokemon lunch I’ve made (seriously, who thought I’d ever write those words?), but G2 was happy, and that’s what matters most in the end. I’m going to have to try again another day, after I get some better cutting tools.  I’ll also try to make a dark blue fruit leather, too, for Cyndaquil’s head and back. The last blue fruit leather I tried turned green, but it’s worth trying again (the girls do eat the green, so all was not lost).

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PostHeaderIcon Mudkip, Oddish, and Piplup Bentos

G2 has started begging for different Pokémon bentos. She’s even started Googling specific Pokémon bentos for me to copy. She really wants me to make a Cyndaquil, but that’s looking a little daunting, so I started with Mudkip on Wednesday, Oddish on Thursday, then Piplup on Friday. They aren’t perfect, but as some of my first bentos, I’m rather proud.

Oddish and a Pichu sandwich


 (Pichu cheese sandwich, Babybel pokéball, Oddish rice ball with radish eyes/mouth, and fresh raspberries.)




Mudkip and pokeball




(Babybel pokébal with provolone and Nori decorations, Mudkip made of blue tinted sushi rice, Nori, blue egg topper, provolone, and carved carrots.)

Piplup and a Pikachu sandwich







(Pikachu cheese sandwich, Piplup rice ball with blue-painted provolone cheese, Nori, white provolone, and cheddar cheese accents. Babybel pokéball with Nori and provolone. Fresh peaches, and homemade strawberry and raspberry fruit leathers punched into penguin shapes.)

G2 loves them, and she says her lunches have helped her win the “weirdest person at the

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PostHeaderIcon Beginning Bentos

After spending years making boring, but healthy, lunches for my daughters, I started browsing Bento blogs and discovering that it isn’t very hard to make really cool-looking lunches!

I have 3 daughters. G1 is 15, and has the common teenage girl loves, plus she loves pandas, flowers, and cute animals. G2 is 13, loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Penguins. And her iPad. G3 is 10 and loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and dogs. She begs regularly for a dog. A dog bento might need to be forthcoming soon.

My first bentos were Pikachu bentos for the younger two girls. I followed a picture I saw online and think I did ok. I’m glad I have the love of cooking and baking to help me through this new passion!

Pikachu rice with Babybel pokeball

(This is rice with some yellow food coloring, shaped into a Pikachu form with cheese melted on top. Tomato peel for Pikachu’s cheeks and mouth and Nori for the eyes & ears. Pokéball is a Babybel cheese with Nori and cheese accents.)

Then I got a Pokémon sandwich cutter, so I started making BL(noT) sandwiches for G3. She loves them!

Pikachu BL(noT)


(Pikachu is made on homemade GF bread. Also in this bento are homemade peach & cherry fruit leathers cut into elephant and flower shapes. She also has 2 Halloween sugar cookies and a sliced peach)


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