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Pirate paintersWe’ve been very busy painting our new house, and by the time we’re done for the day we’re a bit punchy and wiped out. So, upon seeing the painting sticks, G2 and G3 instantly thought pirate sword fight. After going up and down the stairs (like in The Princess Bride), I got them to pose in front of the not-yet-painted yellow wall, because I could get the good shadows in the pictures. They had a blast, and I happy to hear happy voices, as they had been complaining a wee bit about the lack of chocolate at the new house. I used the sword play and pirate talk as inspiration for today’s lunches.

Pirate tofuG1’s lunch gets the first place position on this first day back from school vacation. Her Thermos is packed with tomato soup, and the rest of her lunch is packed in her favorite Totoro Bento Box. I’ve included a Lunchbox Love note in her lunch and in her sisters’ lunches. We love the joke Lunchbox Love notes most of all – the girls enjoy sharing the jokes with their friends. At the top right are three pirate faces in tofu, and one pirate sword food pick. I used a different nori face punch for each face, and hand-cut the eye patches out of nori with scissors. At the bottom right of the picture is the top section of the bento. The Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers fit perfectly in this section, and keep the fruit from mixing with the desserts. Today G1 has strawberries with pirate swords. In the rest of that section are a homemade flower lollipop with mini MnMs as petals, a gold pirate treasure coin, and two Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies.

Pirate hamG3’s lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. She has three ham roll-ups speared with pirate swords in the main section, and a tofu pirate with nori face details in a silicone cup. In the top right section she has a gold pirate treasure coin, and in the bottom right she has grapes that have been speared on pirate swords. G3 is the tortoise in her school’s Aesop play, so she has longer rehearsals for the next couple weeks, which means she needs a slightly larger lunch than usual so she can have a snack for play practice. She has a Snoopy Bento Box with a chocolate flower lollipop and a silicone cup with two Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies. This week we are painting the new house, so I don’t have as much baking time as usual, which means pre-packaged cookies. Enjoy Life makes wonderfully soft and yummy allergy-free cookies that fit beautifully in lunchboxes. G3’s snack is a Bento Buddies container filled with gf cheese crackers.

Dinos and flowersG2 also has a lunch packed in an Easy Lunchbox, but hers has dinosaurs and flowers. In the big section of her bento are some dinosaur broccoli and potato bites from Whole Foods (G2 is a vegetarian, so she had these while her sisters had dinosaur chicken nuggets last night). For a little protein punch I used two vegetable cutters to cut flowers out of tofu, and then decorated them with different food picks. At the top left she has strawberries with some flower food picks and a silver chocolate coin. At the bottom left are two Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies. Laying across the top of her bento is a chocolate flower lollipop. Those were so fun and easy to make! I’m so glad I have a collection of chocolate molds I got from a friend when G3 was a baby – they really turn a little chocolate into a special treat.

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