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PostHeaderIcon Monsters and FunBites and Lunches, Oh My!

After Thanksgiving lunches were done, it was time for a little bit of fun in lunches. Sometimes silliness should prevail over everything. I enjoyed using the FunBites Square to make fairly ordinary food into a fun treat.

G3 Monster LunchG3 loves princesses. And monsters, but honestly, she likes princesses more, and I’m the one who likes monsters. So I compromised in this lunch. She hates candy eyeballs, so I have to improvise for eyes. She had a Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup, plus a Laptop Lunchbox of fruit and treats. Starting at the top right and going clockwise, I used a MonstersU lip-pop as a mouth, some polka dot food picks as eyes, and a princess crown on top in the Honeycrisp apples. Next there’s a silicone bunny cup filled with jelly beans and a homemade cupcake food pick with brownie FunBites squares. The next cup has princess crown picked into some pineapple sections. Finally there’s a silicone bunny cup with two homemade cupcake food picks with brownie squares.

G2 Monster LunchG2 Also had a monster and FunBites lunch. In her Easy Lunchbox she has a provolone and mustard sandwich on homemade gluten-free bread. After being cut into squares, the’ve been impaled on homemade cupcake food pickspolka dot food picks, and some pirate swords. No one has gotten in trouble for dueling in school with the swords, so all is well. In the top right section there are brownie squares on polka dot food picks. In the bottom right section are some Honeycrisp apple sections with a Monsters U lip-pop mouth and two spooky candy eyeballs.

G1 Monster Lunch

G2 had some pasta, marinara sauce, and sausage in her Thermos. I used the bottom, sealed part of her Totoro Bento Box to keep her pineapple chunks in silicone heart cups from getting their juice everywhere. I also used polka dot food picks to pierce some of the pineapple chunks, and used others, plus a spooky candy eyeball and a Monsters U lip pop to make a mini alien. In the top, vented section she has brownie squares skewered on on homemade cupcake food picks in a silicone heart cup. She also has two chocolate coins, a knork, and a little bunny container filled with parmesan to put on top of her pasta. 

All in all, some fun and cute lunches, made much cuter with just a few quick add-ins and new shapes. I’m hoping to get the other FunBites shapes after Christmas to make lunches even cuter.

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PostHeaderIcon Random Pandas and 2 other Random lunches

I had one specific lunch decoration request, then the rest was an exhausted lunch-packing group of randomness. The older girls went ice skating, so I let G3 watch one of her favorite shows, The Vicar of Dibley, while I worked on my NaNoWriMo novel. Time went far too quickly, and too soon the older girls were home and it was past bedtime. On the plus side, I got 3 pairs of used skates for $6!

Here are the lunches in random order:

Random PikachuG3 wasn’t very happy with yesterday’s What Does The Fox Say lunch, so when she said she insisted on a Pikachu BL(noT) sandwich on homemade gluten-free bread, I muttered about her being unappreciative happily complied. The eyes, cheeks, and tongue for Pikachu are colored with food-safe markers. In her Easy Lunchbox I included a brownie and some Honeycrisp apples, along with Pikachu’s name spelled out using alphabet food picks. I realized belatedly that you really need more than one set of those in order to spell words in more than one lunch. Or even to spell 1 kid’s name (with 1 set I can’t make any of their names, never mind more than one kid’s name).

Random SnacksIn her Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies snack box  she has another brownie, a few Honeycrisp sections, and a few pieces of pineapple. I added a couple crown food picks, because she’s a princess. She’s my animal lover, so I also threw in a puppy & a bunny food pick, and stuck the pineapple in a couple animal silicone cups.

Because all of today’s lunches were random, I also added random Lunchbox Love jokes. While the girls like the little facts and inspirational Thanksgiving notes, they love the jokes.

Random PandaG1 asked me to put last night’s leftover spaghetti, sauce, and sausage in her Thermos. In her Totoro Bento Box she has some pineapple with panda food picks inside silicone heart cups. In the top section she has two brownies, again in silicone heart cups with different panda food picks. Because we use the plastic sleeves for the Lunchbox Love jokes, I was able to reuse G2’s joke from Tuesday in G1’s Wednesday lunch! Yay me!

Random MonstersEven with the understanding that today’s lunches were random, G2’s lunch looks especially random. She has leftover gluten-free pizza in her Easy Lunchbox. I added the mouth from a Sully (Monsters U) Lip Pop to her pizza and added a couple spooky candy eyeballs I bought on clearance locally after Halloween. In the top right she has a brownie with the word “BYE” written using the alphabet food picks. I had trouble coming up with a good monster word, so bye it was. In the bottom right she has Mike (Monsters U) Lip pop mouth with a solitary candy eye

Very random lunches, but they definitely fit the personalities of each child!


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