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I took a longer-than-expected hiatus from bento blogging after our move. I have a great new place to organize all my bento tools, and 3 times as much space overall in the new house, but moving and combining two households was more overwhelming than I thought it would be! I was still making bentos, just not taking pictures and blogging. But today is the perfect day to start up again! Celebrate! Saturday was G1’s 16th birthday, and today is Cinco de Mayo!

G1 bdayG1 has the perfect lunch for her birthday. Her favorite food is lasagna, so we have leftover lasagna packed in her Thermos. I found some Captain America/Avengers lunch containers at Target (if you have younger kids they also had Sesame Street and princesses), so I packed her cupcake inside that container. She also has an M from our alphabet food picks and a few music note food picks as well as the sprinkles on top of her cupcake. I packed a piece of cheese art in her Totoro Bento Box. I used a birthday cake lunch punch and some food markers to make her 16th birthday cheese cake. The grapes in the Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container will go in with the birthday cake.

Meanwhile, G2 is obsessed with Cinco de Mayo. She’s decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party at our house today, never mind that our yard is far from perfect and we don’t have a working fence. Yeesh. Anyhow, as part of my good mom duties I made her a Cinco de Mayo lunch.

Cinco de Mayo lunchG2’s lunch is packed in anĀ Easy Lunchbox. She has two black bean taquitos in the large section (the easiest Mexican-ish food I could do early in the morning), a cupcake in the medium section, and grapes in the small section. To make it a little more fun the words Cinco de Mayo are spelled out with alphabet food picks. I do wish that I had something else in this, like a cheese art of some type, but I didn’t think about putting a sombrero in it until she had been dropped off at school.



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