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PostHeaderIcon Penguin and panda packed lunches

I spent 7 hours yesterday prepping for painting and painting. We painted 3 rooms in that time, plus I did 2 ceilings. Dinner last night was a sign of sheer brilliance – we had vegetarian chili in the crock pot. Lunches today are pretty simple after all that work last night.

photo 3G2’s go-to lunch subject is penguins. I have a few different penguin food picks, and a few penguin cookie cutters, so I can mix it up a bit. Today, in her Easy Lunchbox she has strawberries in the top left compartment with the word YUM spelled out with alphabet food picks. At the bottom left are a pink penguin and a blue fish food picks stuck in two  Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies. In the large section at the right is one silicone cup with a blue penguin food pick and a fish stuck into Havarti cheese with dill. Another silicone cup has penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers with detailing done with food-safe markers. I also used fish and penguin shaped cookie cutters to cut provolone cheese, plus I used food-safe markers for the details. Ta da! A penguin lunch that was put together in under 15 minutes.

photo 1G1’s go-to lunch is pandas. I have several different panda cutters, and that makes creating panda lunches really easy. Some days I need easy! At left G1 has the top of her Totoro Bento Box packed with goodies. She has two Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies with two different panda food picks. She also has a homemade flower  chocolate lollipop, and in a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has strawberries with more pandas. In the bottom section at right she has a panda cut out of tofu using the CuteZCute animal friends cutter and two little panda tofu. She also has a Thermos filled with tomato soup to help keep her warm on this cold day.


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PostHeaderIcon Leftovers for Lunches

Today’s lunches are leftovers. I made sushi last night and pizza on Sunday night, so it was very easy to make delicious, and well appreciated, lunches for today.

Penguin sushiG2’s lunch is all about the yummy. Much to her delight she has a Squooshi penguin with applesauce and strawberries (she says homemade tastes better than store-bought!). She has vegetable sushi in her Easy Lunchbox, decorated with some different penguin food picks. She also has a little bunny container with gluten-free soy sauce for the sushi. At the top right section are two Joe’s Joes, Trader Joe’s gluten-free Oreos, plus a snowflake food pick. At the bottom right are some carrots and cucumbers, plus a Snoopy container with some hummus, also from Trader Joe’s.

sushiG1 also has sushi today. Her lunch is packed in her Totoro Bento Box, and includes to Joe’s Joes gf Oreos in a silicone heart cup and a snowflake food pick. The top section also includes a Clementine. In the bottom section she has her sushi, with dolphins and a whale food pick. I’ve also added a rooster container with gluten-free soy sauce to add to the sushi.

Walrus pizzaG3 cares more about what her friends think of her lunch than G1 and G2 do, so she wasn’t interested in having any sushi for lunch, as that might look weird. So, she has leftover pizza in her Easy Lunchbox, with some cute marine life food picks. She also has to Joe’s Joes gf Oreos and a snowflake. In the bottom right section is one final Chebe tiger roll. She also has some applesauce in her Squooshi walrus, which continues to follow the marine animal theme.


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PostHeaderIcon Penguins and Tigers in rice and bread

The biggest piece of news in our life is that we just bought a house! So excited!! If, for some reason, you want to read more, I’m blogging daily about our year of change (I’m getting married soonish, so lots of change) over at A Year of Living Change-erously.

Yesterday was a snow day, so no lunches, but it was busy with the closing, etc. I did have time last nite, after buying the house, to make a quick dinner for G1 and I, and then to pack lunches for the younger two. G1 has midterms, so no lunches.

Even more penguinsI packed G2 a very penguin Easy Lunchbox. She has a silicone heart cup with Havarti with dill slices, and a mini silicone cup with penguin-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers. I added a couple little details to the penguin using food safe markers. In two additional mini silicone cusps are two penguins made using sushi rice, some nori cut with a heart-shaped opening for the face, a frozen piece of corn for the beak, and nori cut into eyes with a face punch. On the right side of her ELB are some strawberries and a mini silicone cup with a Trader Joe’s gluten-free Oreos. At the bottom of her lunch is a Chebe bread mix penguin. Below her ELB is a  Mini Dipper with Lemonheads and Sixlets. G2 has play practice until 5:30 today, so she has a little extra sugar and a (not photographed) gf granola bar as well. She is currently obsessed with Lemonheads, and will be very happy to find that surprise.

TigersG3 is allergic to the strawberries G1 and G2 love so much, so her lunch was prepared first so there would be no cross-contamination on the cutting board. In her Thermos I’ve packed gluten-free chicken noodle soup for our girlie, in the hopes that she’ll be warm today. She has two gluten-free TJs Oreos in mini silicone cups and a Chebe white tiger in her Snoopy Bento Box. In her Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has some yummy oranges cut into “smiles”. She also has a little white tiger rice ball in a cheap Target container. She loves rice in her soup, so I thought she could add this to the soup at school. I used a nori face punch for the eyes and mouth/nose combo. I cut little triangles out of some of the rest of the nori to make the stripes. I didn’t quite make ears, but I think you get the idea.

I’m now out of sushi rice, so I’m going to have to go to the store soon so I can experiment more with making rice critters! It’s been too long since I made a Pokemon lunch, I was reminded…

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PostHeaderIcon Kitty cats and penguins

Last night I spent some time making Chebe bread mix creatures. They’re so cute! I’m really enjoying making these! It’s actually much easier than I thought it would be. I am going to have to put together a tutorial for the gluten-free folks.

In other news, we were planning to go to the Aquarium for MLK day, but it turned out everyone was tired, so we slept in. After we woke up, I bought bins and we started packing – we close on Wednesday! (though the house won’t be ready to move in for a bit, need heat & a new roof) If you’re at all curious about our ongoing changes, I’m blogging daily at A Year of Living Change-erously.

More penguinsG2’s Easy Lunchbox has Havarti with dill and fish-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers, each in a silicone heart cup. They are decorated with penguin and fish food picks as well as a snowflake. I also added penguin cheese and a fish with details written in food safe markers. In the top left section of the ELB she has a clementine and a green leaf pick. At the bottom left she has two chocolate chip cookies, a little thing of Sixlets, and a chocolate smiley face. She also has one of the Chebe animals, a penguin.

Kitty kitty lunchG1’s lunch is all about the kitties. In her Totoro Bento Box are some kitties – I used my CuteZCute Animal Press and a small animal press to make kitty tofu. Between sections she has a Chebe kitty with orange ears, and in the top section of her bento she has 2 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a smiley face chocolate, and an orange with a leaf food pick. She also has a Thermos is filled with hot tomato soup.

Another kitty kittyG3’s lunch is similar to G1’s. In her Thermos she has gluten-free chicken noodle soup. She also has a Honeycrisp apple (she’s going to be so sad when those go out of season soon!) and a Chebe kitty. For a snack and for a dessert she has Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers. In one is a chocolate chip cookie, a small string of Sixlets, and a chocolate smiley face. In her other Bento Buddy is some homemade chocolate pudding. This doesn’t look like a very big lunch, but the chicken noodle soup will fill her right up, and it’s unlikely she’ll even eat all of it.


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PostHeaderIcon Totoro, Tigers, and Penguins

Totoro parts(This post was written on Thursday, but unfortunately my site has been up and down, so it’s only now being posted. My host is trying its best with a complicated server/router problem)

I love reading other Bento blogs. I love seeing what other moms (and dads) have done with their kids’ lunches, and I especially love reading tutorials. Much of the time I’m disappointed because something is a gluten-based treat and gluten doughs work differently than gluten-free doughs. My recent success with black & white buns was an exception to that rule. Well, this time I saw another tutorial posted by BentoMonsters, and it was a rice tutorial, so I figured I could actually get it made.

Totoro and SpriteAs mentioned before in this blog, G1 is a huge Studio Ghibli fan, especially a Totoro fan. Most of her lunches are packed in her Totoro Bento Box. This time I followed the tutorial closely (though I used black food coloring as we didn’t have black sesame paste), and G1 was beyond thrilled. Her whole table loved it and was taking pictures! I highly recommend this tutorial.


Totoro lunchG1’s Totoro was, of course, packed in her Totoro Bento Box. She had pasta with marinara and a sausage in her Thermos, and the rest in her Totoro Bento Box. In the bottom section was her Totoro with the Soot Sprite. In her upper section she had a couple of oatmeal cookies in a silicone heart cup as well as two mini silicone cups with green grapes.


G3’s lunch is almost all black & white. In her Easy LunchboxWhite tiger lunch she has a white tiger Chebe roll in the large section. In the smallest section she has a white tiger cupcake, and in the bottom right section she has a white tiger rice ball. In her Snoopy bento box she has an orange sliced into “smiles” with a couple of lion food picks. Finally, in her Thermos she has some hot chicken and rice soup.


PenguinsG2’s lunch is all about the penguins again. I found this cute snowman/snowflake scrapbook paper, and I’m using that as a backdrop for this lunch. Leaning against her Easy Lunchbox is a penguin Chebe roll, which she loves. In her Easy Lunchbox’s biggest section are two marching penguins made out of food coloring and a slice of mozzarella cheese. Above the marching penguins are mini silicone cups with homemade MOMables-inspired gf crackers and Havarti with dill with a couple of snowflake food picks. In the small section at the top right are some green grapes with a snowflake. Finally, in the section at the bottom right is a cupcake with Princess Celestia’s cutie mark, a sun.

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PostHeaderIcon Penguins and Elves

Penguin crackersLast night I tweaked the recipe posted at MOMables for gluten-free lunchbox crackers for our family’s preferences and for what I had in the house. It was incredibly easy, and they’re delicious. The crackers taste a bit like Mary’s Gone Crackers mixed with what I remember a wheat thin tasting like.  I’ve posted my tweaks on my recipe blog. The new crackers inspired G2 to ask for crackers and cheese for lunch, and I was happy to say yes.

G1 has been out sick with a stomach bug, so no lunches for her today. I’ve tried to make an elf again with G3’s lunch, and while it’s better than yesterday’s elf, it’s not awesome yet. Humanoids are hard for me! I can do Pokemon or My Little Pony, but not people as of yet.

Penguin snowflakeG2’s lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. At left, in the large section, she has several provolone snowflakes decorating the container, then in two silicone heart cups she has crackers and cheese alternating. At left are cheddar penguins cut with a vegetable cutter and rectangle crackers. At right are snowflake cheese alternating with penguin crackers. In the smallest section at the top right is a Happy Feet penguin ring and a slice of Christmas tree cake with a purple fondant star. At the bottom right in the smaller container is a half a clementine with two different penguins.

Elf Tree SnowmanG3’s lunch is also packed in an Easy Lunchbox.At left in the large section is a quesadilla cut into the shape of an elf, an elf’s hat, and a Christmas tree. I used food-safe markers for the detail work on the elf and to add “ornaments” to the tree. At the top right is the other half of a clementine, this time with two snowflake picks as decoration. At the bottom right is one of the snowman cupcakes I had made for the parties last weekend.

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PostHeaderIcon 4 Fun Animal Lunches

These are 4 animal themed lunches from this week. 3 out of 4 are packed in our Easy Lunchboxes. Those are our current favorites, and they fit beautifully in the Land’s End lunchbags my kids have. The panda salad lunch is packed in a Goodbyn box, which is how we started bento boxing. We like those boxes, too, and find that we can use them for almost anything. They’re a tighter fit in the LE lunch bags, but still work well. All four were fairly easy and fast. The first lunch, with the penguin olives, took the longest, but now that I’ve made it once it will be faster. The other three took less than 15 minutes to make, and the penguin lunch was close to that, possibly a bit over.

Penguin LunchThis first lunch is a provolone sandwich for G2 (have you noticed a theme with her lunches?) cut using a penguin sandwich cutter. I used nori and a nori face punch for the eyes. I carved a bit of baby carrot for the beak. Between the sandwiches is a silicone cup with 3 black olive penguins inside. For those I turned them big side down and cut a belly out of the bottom and filled it with cream cheese. Then I put a sliver of baby carrot through the small end of the 2nd olive. I attached them with a toothpick and cut the top of the toothpick off. G2 is 13, but if she were younger I’d have used a plastic pick to avoid any choking hazards.In the two side compartments are homemade fruit roll-ups and a chocolate cupcake with a misshapen leaf on top. The misshapen part is my fault – the fondant I was working with had gotten warm.



The second lunch is a kitten and bunny lunch for G3. She has a BL(noT) on gluten-free bread with the versitile CuteZcute cutter using the kitten face punch.  We also have more homemade fruit roll-ups in a silicone cup next to the sammich. The apples in the section on the right were peeled with a bit of a bunny face and ears left on. They’re cute even when they’re imperfect. :) On the bottom we have a gf chocolate cupcake with a pumpkin cut out of orange fondant for a topper.


Panda salad


This is a Goodbyn panda salad lunch box I made for G1. She loves salads for lunch, so I used a panda cookie cutter to cut and indent the tofu into panda shapes. I also used vegetable cutters to cut the cucumbers and red peppers into flower shapes. Not shown is the great little dressing container I bought for her – it doesn’t leak, and you can’t lose the lid! I’m still on the lookout for a cute one, that works as well. In the second section are the same apples cut into imperfect bunny shapes. Finally, we have panda cookies, made using the panda cookie cutter and my gf sugar cookie recipe. I split the dough in half and added a couple tablespoons of cocoa so there would be dark dough as well as light. 


Elephant tofu This final animal bento is another lunch made for G1. She had a thermos filled with tomato soup and a peach, but needed some protein, crunch, and a dessert. The tofu was cut using an elephant sandwich cutter, with nori cut in the general shape of ears, then used a nori face punch for the eyes. The top side section has homemade goldfish crackers cut with these animal-shaped vegetable cutters, as well as a fishie one. On the bottom we have a gf chocolate cupcake with a pumpkin cut out of orange fondant for a topper. I used food markers to make the jack-o-lantern face.

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