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Today G2 gets a Mickey lunch, and while her sisters’ lunches aren’t pictured, they had similar lunches with the same cute food picks.

More MickeyIn her Easy Lunchbox G2 has one of G1’s birthday cupcakes (vanilla gf cake and a chocolate buttercream frosting) with a Mickey hand food pick. Below that are some strawberries I halved to help them fit into the lunch box with another Mickey hand. At right, in the largest section are two silicone cups, one with Havarti with dill and a Mickey head and another with gf multigrain crackers and a red Mickey head. Below I used a Mickey cookie cutter to cut out a Mickey provolone head. Below the Easy Lunchbox is a small Mickey head container I found at Target with homemade trail mix in it.

My kids have standardized tests this week and the school recommends granola bars as a snack. 99% of granola bars aren’t gluten-free, and those that are gf are really expensive. There are some good protein bars that are gf, and there are trail mixes, but G2 is fairly picky about trail mix and hates all protein bars, so I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up ingredients to make my own trail mix. How did it take me so long to do that??? G2 is fussiest about nuts (and, actually, all food), so I knew that if it was a trail mix she’d eat, the others would eat it too. So I bought bags of roasted and low-salt almonds, cashews, pistachios, and sunflower seeds. I poured them into a gallon ziploc and added some chocolate chips and shook it. Now we have a trail mix everyone will eat rather than one that has all the “good stuff” picked out of it! Next up in my I should’ve done this already goals is making my own granola…

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