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G3’s lunch continues to be about white tigers and safari animals, but this time G2’s lunch has drifted away from penguins. Her 4 show run of The Little Mermaid starts tomorrow afternoon! So I practiced my Camera Lucida skills and drew Ariel on cheese for her lunch. I think it’s clear who I was drawing, at least. G1 still has midterms, so no lunch for her.


G2’s lunch is very much like her previous lunches, but this time she has Ariel sitting on a rock and 3 notes symbolizing the music she’s singing as a part of the cast of the musical. Given that it’s her first time performing in this school I wanted to show her that I support her, I popped in a Lunchbox Love note.

In her Easy Lunchbox G2 has two mini silicone cups, one with some homemade MOMables-inspired gf crackers and one with Havarti with dill. She also has some provolone and cheddar song notes, and the mozzarella Ariel drawn with food safe markers. I also used the black food safe marker to ad a face to one fishie. In the top, smallest section, she has two Joe’s Joes gf Oreos. Finally, in the bottom right section, she has 3 strawberries.

Roaring animals

Roar! The animals on G3’s lunch safari are roaring at us! First, she has a Thermos with chicken and rice soup. In her Snoopy Bento Box is a Chebe bread mix white tiger and two Joe’s Joes gf Oreos in mini silicone cups. In her pink Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies she has oranges cut into “smiles” (also known as slices, but if you put them in  your mouth you have an orange smile). I used lion and other safari animals food picks to perk up the smiles, plus alphabet food picks to spell out ROAR. She also has a purple Bento Buddies container with snickerdoodles and a Lunchbox Love note.

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