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What Does the Fox SayAfter seeing a couple of “What does the fox say?” bentos (one from Bento-logy and one from Lunchbox Dad), and my younger two daughters singing it regularly, I thought I’d try. (Because G2 and G3 are crazy quirky, they also sing a Pokemon-themed version that goes, “What does Youngster Joey say? Rata tata tata ta, rata tata tata ta”. Given my hatred of mice/rats, they’re never getting a Ratata in their lunch, so they’ll have to enjoy the fox)

Today’s lunch was pretty boring before tweaking it, and for the first time I can remember that their lunches are identical!  (G1 ended up staying home yesterday, so her lunch from yesterday went to school with her today instead.) In their Easy Lunchboxes, G2 and G3 had leftover gluten-free pizza, gluten-free brownies, and sliced Honeycrisp apples that were dipped in pineapple juice to keep them from browning. I had added some scarecrow and leaf food picks, as well as a couple turkey picks before deciding to add the foxes.

FoxTo make the foxes I simply took a slice of orange cheddar, and used a Christmas star cookie cutter to cut out a cheese star. I then used a paring knife to cut the ears out of the inside of the two top points of the star. I added candy eyes, then cut a triangle out of an olive to use as a nose. I tried to draw whiskers that went out into the side start points, but I had warmed the cheese so it would stick to the pizza, and drawing on warm cheese doesn’t work. I’m hoping that they see a fox even without the whiskers. I’d highly recommend adding the whiskers (or doing any additional decorating using food-safe markers) before warming the cheese.

SayTo make it clear what they were looking at in their lunches, I added the words “Fox” and “Say” using alphabet food picks. If I had more time, I would’ve used my alphabet cutters to cut out more cheese to say Ring-a-ding-ding or something similar, but it was getting late, and I was tired.

Today’s lunches also have a couple Lunchbox Love jokes. I’m not an LBL affiliate, so I get nothing by telling you that there’s currently a 25% off special – 13LBL25 – for these cards, which we love (and cover with plastic card protectors so we can reuse them). As with all of the girls lunches, they were also packed with a crunchy snack and a seltzer water. This time they had Pirate’s Booty and Smart Puffs rather than cheese.


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