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PostHeaderIcon Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Cauldron CakeThere’s only one more night before Halloween! You can definitely tell based on the traffic and mass of people in Salem, but all around our area homes are decked out and people are in costume. It’s wonderful! Last night our church had its Halloween party, which included a zip line, Trunk or Treat, a chili cookoff, and a scary cake contest. G2 and G3 and I worked hard on our cauldron cake, but, sadly, it didn’t win. We were up against a professional graphic designer, though, so… We’re happy with it, but we’ll see what we can do next year! Quick how-to: Bottom is a 9″ layer covered in red “flame” frosting, with molded chocolates stuck in it. Top layer is an ice cream cake bowl form, designed so you have a “pocket” to stuff with ice cream before putting it on top of the 9″ layer, but we kept it in the bowl shape. We brushed the inside and outside of the bowl with melted chocolate, and let that harden. We whipped green whipped cream, put in a ladle, and topped with chocolate skulls, spiders, ears, eyes, fingers, bats, and fangs.

Because tonight is the night Linus waits for The Great Pumpkin, today’s lunches are all based on that. I didn’t have anything with Linus on it, sadly, but Snoopy and Woodstock can still hang out waiting for The Great Pumpkin!

Great Pumpkin 2G2′s lunch came out the best, I think. In the large container in her Laptop Lunchbox there’s a provolone sandwich with Snoopy and Woodstock drawn on using Snoopy & Woodstock stencils and food-safe markers. I made an orange bell pepper pumpkin and a ghost using Halloween cookie cutters to set the scene. In the top left container is The Great Pumpkin (in a clementine disguise) complete with a crown food pick, with a Woodstock candy ring from Walgreens. At the top right is a Thestral Poop meringue and a skull bracelet picked up locally. 


Great Pumpkin 1G1 had her braces adjusted yesterday, and her mouth hurts a lot. I tried to pack soft food, or food she could have melt in her mouth. So, she has tomato soup in her Thermos, again. For protein and fun, her Totoro Bento Box has a fairly good tofu Snoopy and Woodstock made using rice molds as cutters, and food-safe markers to add detail. Lettuce and ghosts & a pumpkin made using Halloween cookie cutters help complete the pumpkin patch scene. On the left, in the leakproof portion of her bento, is some canned pineapple, with a witch flying overhead, and a graveyard food pick as accents. In two silicone muffin cups are a chocolate skull and bat molded from cookie cutters. I also threw in a Lucy ring pop and a skull bracelet for fun.

Great Pumpkin 3G3 has homemade gluten-free chicken noodle soup in her Thermos. She has asked for a “snack box”, which I’m packing in a container from Laptop Lunch’s Bento Buddies. Her snack box has some MnMs from last night’s Trunk or Treat, plus a couple Halloween food picks. G3′s Easy Lunchbox includes a tofu Snoopy who looks a little evil, which is unfortunate. I need a smaller stencil to go with the Snoopy & Woodstock rice molds - I’m not great at freehand drawing on tofu. She also has a Snoopy candy ring, a skull bracelet, and some Sour Patch Kids from ToT.

Halloween stickers jokesAll three lunches included a set of Snoopy stickers and a couple Halloween jokes. I’m looking forward to getting Lunch Box Love notes, but until then and in addition to them, the various printables are lovely.

This post is linked to I Heart Lunch and Fun Food Friday.


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