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We’ve been on winter break here, but as New England Aquarium members we have to spend at least one day at the aquarium. So, we bundled up on the least-horribly-cold day, and went off to the aquarium. I am cheap frugal careful with spending money, so we always pack a snack and a lunch before going off on an adventure. G1 decided to stay home, and because we have a 4 person membership, we took G3’s friend K with us.

Cheese and crackers and penguins

G2 is, technically, the one with the aquarium membership, so I’ll put her lunch first. In her Easy Lunchbox she has some of the awesome homemade gluten-free crackers, alternating with some cheese in silicone heart cups. The havarti is left as is, next to star crackers, but the round crackers alternate with angels cut out of provolone cheese, with a blue dolphin. In the smallest section of the ELB she has a piece of my mom’s fudge and a chocolate-covered peanut-butter ball.In the other small section she has some sliced Honeycrisp apples and two different penguins

Bacon lunch

G3 wanted a BLT without the bread, lettuce, or tomato. I insisted that she have something that resembles food other than bacon, so she has a deconstructed BLT without the bread. So, in her Easy Lunchbox she has some lettuce with bacon and two Sungold tomatoes. I tossed in a snowflake pick, a snow-globe, and a blue whale. In the smallest section are two pieces of my mom’s fudge. In the final section are some sliced Honeycrisp apples with a cute little otter food pick. Not pictured is an orange she wanted to peel herself.

star sandwiches

G3’s friend K has her first bento lunch. She wanted peanut-butter sandwiches, which you might notice are easier than anything my children asked me to pack. In her Easy Lunchbox K has 2 sugar cookies and a piece of fudge. She also has 4 star-shaped peanut-butter sandwiches made out of gluten-free bread. I made them a bit more winter and  aquarium-centric by adding two snowflake food picks, a white seal, and a pink dolphinNot pictured is the orange she also wanted to peel herself.

tomato mozarellaFinally, I packed my own lunch in an ELB. I packed some sliced fresh mozzarella and Sungold tomatoes with a blue dolphin. In the little section I have a piece of fudge with a pink dolphin and a chocolate-covered peanut-butter ball. In the other section I have some baby carrots and celery. Not pictured is the hummus I packed to dip the celery & carrots into.


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