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torchic friend ballAfter a week and a half break for other lunches, including Halloween, Minions, and Harry Potter, G2 again requested a Pokemon lunch last night. After much googling to find out what a Torchic and a Friend ball (one of the many Pokeball types – here I thought there was only one!), I attempted the challenge.

Three things made this Pokemon lunch work. 1) new decorative cutters I bought to make perfect circles and exact shapes; 2) food-safe markers; 3) soy paper (I found my soy paper near the seaweed at Whole Foods for half the price of Amazon). Soy paper is so, so, so much easier to work with than nori! I just wish it had darker colors. Having very good quality food dye also helps a lot to make Pokemon rice balls, too.

Packed into her pink Laptop Lunchbox, G2 has a Friend Ball made of tofu cut using a circle cutter, then fried and topped with soy paper, with a white center dot of provolone cheese. In a silicone cup you see two “regular” Pokeballs made of fried tofu, decorated just with food-safe markers. The smaller Pokeballs are cut and pressed using a Pokemon sandwich cutter/press set I found on ebay. Torchic is made with food dye and sushi rice, made into a circle with a ramekin we have at home. I cut the feathery parts and beak out of soy paper. The eyes are made of nori, with white circles of provolone cheese. On the right is a clementine with a ladybug and flower food pick, then a chocolate cupcake with chick food picks made out of stickers.

G2 and G3 were really impressed when I showed them! G3 is very hard to impress, and very comfortable criticizing, so I’m pleased. G2 also had a Halloween Lunch Joke, I don’t have any Pokemon ones.

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