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PostHeaderIcon There’s only 2 more sleeps ’til Halloween

Skulls and spidersI’m humming along with the “There’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas” tune from the Muppets Christmas Carol, but substituting two more sleeps ’til Halloween. You’re quite welcome for that earworm.

Tonight we have our church‘s Scary Cake Contest along with Trunk or Treat and some games put on by the Young Women. G2 and I have been plotting what to make, and after searching Pinterest for Halloween ideas, we found a way to make spiders using melted chocolate. We had cookie cutter and molds from Target for skulls, bats, etc., so it was just the bugs that I needed to make freehand. I think we succeeded with cute & creepy spiders, but the fingers were just plain creepy and the skulls were OK. For next Halloween I need some bug molds.

As a small piece of reference, Thestrals are the horse-like winged creatures in Harry Potter which you can only see if you’ve seen death. Our usual meringues are called Unicorn Poop, so Halloweeny ones are, of course, Thestral Poop. And now for the lunches… somehow I managed to pack 3 lunches into 3 different lunchboxes. Yay.

G2 Mummy lunch

G2 started off the mummy lunch trend today with her provolone sammich mummy in her Laptop Lunchbox. I used one slice of gluten-free bread and put it on a cookie sheet, then cut strips of provolone cheese. I layered the cheese on the bread like a mummy, then put it in the oven (which was already at 350F to bake a cake) for 3 minutes. Once the cheese became a little melty, I stuck the eyeballs into the cheese. Below the mummy is a chocolate spider and a chocolate finger, along with a ghoul. To the left of the chocolate is a clementine jack-o-lantern, made this time using cut-outs from the rind, “glued” to the clementine with a teeny bit of honey, topped with a wizard hat. G2 also has a couple Thestral Poop meringues, a bat food pick, some Peanuts stickers, and a Halloween lunch joke. It looks like a good lunch!

Mummy lunch for G3

G3 wanted some of the homemade potato leek soup we had last night for dinner in her Thermos. In her Easy Lunchbox she has, at far left, half of a roll made from a bit of leftover gluten-free bread dough, which I then wrapped in slices of mozzarella and then treated to the same treatment as the provolone mummy (Trader Joe’s has great sliced mozzarella for kids who think provolone has too strong a flavor). In the same section she also has a spider silicone cup filled with a spider and a finger, a Halloween lunch joke, and some Mickey Halloween stickers. At the right she has canned pineapple with a bat food pick, and two Thestral Poop meringues.

Mummy lunch for G1

G1 had, surprise surprise, a Thermos of tomato soup. In her Totoro Bento Box‘s bottom section she has a Halloween lunch joke and three silicone spider cups I found at AC Moore. Two are filled with canned pineapple, plus a bat food pick. The third has her chocolate spider and finger. In the top section she has a bat ring (one of her friends was all excited about the one she had yesterday, so she wanted to offer him the other one we had), a couple Thestral Poop meringues, a mummy cheese roll, and some Halloween stickers.

This post is linked to Bento for Kidlet’s Meatless Monday, Halloween Bentos on Bento Blog Network, What’s For Lunch Wednesday, and Fun Food Friday. G3′s leftover soup (invisible in the picture) and leftover roll turned into a mummy are linked on Leftovers on Friday.


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