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PostHeaderIcon There’s no lunch like a snow lunch

Christmas notesWe had wreathmaking last night, so G1 and I went over to our church and made wreathes with a bunch of women from church and their friends. The young women (12+) were there, too, and it was loud, busy fun. I look forward to this every year! Plus, we now have  pretty wreathes for the front and back doors. Anyhow, after working all day, going to the activity, returning3 hours later, getting everyone ready for bed, doing our Advent activity, and cleaning the kitchen, I was exhausted. Today’s lunches, with the slight exception of G1′s lunch, were super-easy and just decorated with snow-related food picks.

I also used the  Lunchbox Love Christmas notes to perk up their lunches. G3′s note talks about how in the Ukraine the youngest child watches for the evening star to appear to tell the family when to start the Christmas feast. She’s going to love that! The other two cards are cool, too, but G3 likes anything that makes the youngest child special.

Snowman lunch G1G1 doesn’t usually get the cutest lunch, but she won the lottery today. As is par for the course, she has tomato soup in her Thermos, and has protein, fruit, and cookies in her Totoro Bento Box. On the left, in the vented top section in a silicone heart cup she has two Christmas-colored meringues plus a mittens snowglobe pick. In two EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers she has pineapple chunks with the word SNOW spelled out with alphabet food picks, a snowflake pick, and a Mickey Mouse hand waving at her. In the bottom, sealed container she has two snowmen made out of tofu using a snowman cookie cutter and decorated with food-safe markers. She has a couple more snowflakes, too.

Snow lunch G3G3′s lunch includes a Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup, which isn’t in the picture. In the pink Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container on the far left she has some Pirate’s Booty. The indigo one has some Honeycrisp apple slices and a snowflake. The pink Bento Buddies container has one lemon square inside a silicone heart cup with a mittens snowglobe. Completing her lunch/snack she has a Snoopy bento with some more Honeycrisp apples and another snowflake. Finally, she has one Christmas-colored meringue and some Junior Mints with candy cane pieces. 

The last lunch belongs to G2. We only have two Thermos containers, so you may remember that yesterday she had a Lock & Lock with tomato soup inside it for her to microwave at school. Unfortunately, the Lock & Lock still has tomato soup inside it, and now it’s vacuum sealed. She can bake crazy-detailed desserts and make elaborate dinners, but didn’t know to undo the top of a container before microwaving. I don’t think I’ll ever get the lid off of that container…

photo 4In G2′s Easy Lunchbox she has a quesadilla made with gluten-free corn tortillas. She got into quesadillas again after I made corn and bean quesadillas Wednesday night, and asked for one today. I added several different food picks to make it a smidge more festive, including a snowman snowglobe , a snowflake, and a couple different penguins. At the top right she has some baby carrots, a snowflake, and a little bunny container I filled with ranch dressing. At the bottom right are two Christmas-colored meringues and a Happy Feet penguin cupcake ring.

This post is linked at Fun Food Friday and Bento Blog Network – Snowmen.


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