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Fried Tofu TurkeysThe last full school day before Thanksgiving was Tuesday, and that was the last day of Turkey lunches for a while. I had so much fun sending them to school with the Lunchbox Love Thanksgiving notes in plastic card protectors! And I loved cutting everything into Turkey shapes. I even made fried tofu turkeys for G2’s Thanksgiving dinner (she’s a vegetarian, so wasn’t eating any real turkey).

I’m really loving making Bentos for many reasons, only one of which is that cutting things into shapes amuses me. I also like that my kids are looking forward to lunches now, and their friends are asking about their lunches. It turns being the kid who always brings lunch due to food allergies into the kid with the cool lunches. I love that!

G2 Turkey lunch

G2’s final Thanksgiving lunch is one of cheese and crackers, but it’s themed cheese and crackers, which makes it more fun! In her Easy Lunchbox, G2 has provolone cheese cut them using Thanksgiving cookie cutters, with a turkey food pick. I put some Glutino crackers in a silicone heart cup, and some maple leaf cut cheese in a mini silicone cup. In the top right she has some baby carrots with a little bunny container filled with ranch and a scarecrow food pick. I made some rice krispie treats using Marshmallow Fluff and Perky’s Crunchy Flax cereal in addition to the GF Rice Krispies. I added a leaf food pick to add a bit of color, too.

G1 Turkey LunchG1 also had Turkeys. I packed some tomato soup in her in her Thermos. In her Totoro Bento Box‘s vented section, she has a gf rice krispie treat with a turkey food pick. In the bottom, sealed section she has an EasyLunchbox MiniDipper with canned pineapple inside. She also has two pieces of tofu cut into turkey shapes using a Thanksgiving cookie cutter. I added one of the scarecrow food picks to her lunch just because it’s cute.

The rice krispie treats are made with Marshmallow Fluff so they are vegetarian – marshmallows are made with gelatin, so G2 won’t eat them. I am refusing to link to Marshmallow Fluff on Amazon because a bottle that costs 99cents in the grocery store is over $5 on Amazon.

G3 Thanksgiving lunch

G3 always has 2 containers for snack (one fruit, one sweet) and two sections with her lunch (one fruit/veg, one sweet). This day she had 3 Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers, and one Lock & Lock. It feels silly to have 3 kids with 3 different bento boxes per day, but different lunches mean different containers.

G2 has a Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup. At the top left she has sliced “orange smiles” in a box with a turkey food pick. At the top right she has another box with baby carrots and little bunny container filled with ranch plus a purple leaf food pick for a bit of color. At the bottom right she has a gluten-free cheesecake that she made (still yummy, even if you mix the graham crackers in with the cream cheese…). Finally, at the bottom left she has a heart-shaped rice krispie treat with another leaf food pick. 

Overall a fun day with fun lunches! A big hit.

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