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Today G2 had leftover Corn & Bean Quesadillas for lunch, and despite some wintery food picks, it never looked very festive. I forgot to take a picture of it, too. Her sisters’ lunches are a bit cuter. My 3 week long migraine is taking its toll on my creativity.

Snow stocking G3

G3’s lunch is packed into an Easy Lunchbox. In the large section she has a B(no L, no T) sandwich cut into the shape of a stocking. G3 rarely eats the bread in her sandwiches, so I stuffed a bunch of bacon into one slice of bread cut into two stockings. The snowflake pick holds the sandwich together, and the mittens snowglobe food pick adds some festive-ness. At the top left is a vegetarian rice krispie treat with mini Christmas MnMs and a polka dot food pick. In the larger top section there are some Honeycrisp apple sections with a princess crown food pick. At right is a Snoopy bento snack box, and packed inside is a snack for G3. She has another rice krispie treat in a silicone cup as well as some more Honeycrisp apple sections with the word SNOW written with alphabet food picks.

Flake G1

G1’s lunch is flakes. Sadly, not the Cadbury Flake. But, this is healthier, I guess. Definitely less chocolatey, though. In her Snoopy bento box she has some pineapple in a mini dipper and a rice krispie in a silicone cup, both of which have polka dot food picks. In a Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container G1 has 2 large snowflakes cut out of tofu, a snowflake pick, and the word FLAKE spelled out in alphabet food picks.



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