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My darling daughters have decided that Snoopy is the new Cupid. They say that you don’t see Cupid around Valentine’s day, but you see Snoopy all over the place, so therefore Snoopy is the new Cupid. Well, since we’re in the lead-up to Valentine’s day, I made Snoopy heart lunches for my older two daughters today (G3 is staying home sick with my mom with a 102 fever).

Snoopy love pizzaG2 has leftover pizza in her Easy Lunchbox. I used a Snoopy stencil to get Snoopy just right using a food safe marker. The hearts I drew free-hand. I also added a 3D heart pick and a heart mini fork to perk up the leftover olive pizza. Also in the large container is a Lunchbox Love Valentine’s note.(They currently have a 25% off coupon code 14LOVE for everything in their store.) In the top right section are two gluten-free Oreos, a heart and a dark chocolate Toblerone piece. In the bottom right section are some baby carrots and a Woodstock cup filled with Trader Joe’s hummus.

Snoopy love tofuJust like yesterday, G1 has a Thermos filled with Trader Joe’s tomato soup. The rest of her lunch is packed in her Totoro Bento Box, which is remarkably sturdy and works with many different lunches. As anyone who has read the blog for a while knows, one of her favorites is tomato soup and tofu, and that’s what she has today. I used the Snoopy stencil on the tofu and used a small heart cookie cutter to make hearts, plus adding the heart mini forks to perk up the plain white tofu. In the top section she has a couple of Glutino lemon wafer cookies in a silicone cup, plus a Clementine and a small piece of Toblerone. She also has a Lunchbox Love note, this one is about a huge tarantula, something G1 will find interesting, but would horrify G2!

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