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No theme today other than easy for me. While I love that my daughters have such individual tastes, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to have to change gears. Overall, though, this day’s lunches are mostly the same ingredients with different decorations. You may notice that all 3 girls have unfrosted cupcakes. I don’t have any problems with frosting, in fact I tend to prefer frosting to cake, but I ran out of time last night, what with NaNoWriMo daily word counts, supervising homework, driving around to pick up G2 from some volunteer work, and other miscellaneous stuff. I’ll frost them this afternoon.

Pandas with bambooPineapple dessert pandasG1 has a Thermos of tomato soup. The bottom of her Totoro Bento Box has some tofu pandas cut using the CuteZCute Animal Palz, plus some fried tofu and lettuce in the background to represent bamboo. In the top section she has a panda pick with pineapple chunks inside a Lock & Lock. She also has an unfrosted chocolate cupcake and a few gf pretzels dipped in chocolate, all with a few panda decorations.

Elephant lunch party

After yesterday’s miscalculation with G2’s lunch, today’s lunch included extra elephants. After I packed her lunch, she, of course, reminded me that elephants aren’t her favorite. Yes, I knew that. Her favorite animal is a white tiger. I’ve never seen a white tiger bento decoration, though I’ll keep looking. Maybe if I make another kitty made from the CuteZcute cutter I can add stripes to make it a white tiger… Anyhow, G2 has chicken noodle soup in a Thermos today. Also, in her Easy Lunchbox, G2 has a piece of gf bread cut into an elephant shape with an elephant sandwich cutter, and made cheesy with a slice of mozzarella. The ear, eye, and mouth are cut out of nori. In the top section she has some gf pretzels dipped in chocolate and an unfrosted gf chocolate cupcake with an elephant food pick. She also has, in her Bento Buddies snack box, a clementine and a second mini gf cupcake, plus some more elephant food picks.

Awesome Pikachu

Our family talks a lot about being awesome. My pseudonym for my (very unusual) married last name was awesome spelled a little differently. G2 still uses it, and G3 just uses the usual spelling of awesome. When I saw the food picks that included the one that says “You’re Awesome!” I had to pick them up! G2 had a very, very long day yesterday, so she needed a little pick-me-up today, and that awesome food pick was perfect. In the top left section of her ELB is clementine with a bow food pick. On the right is an unfrosted gf cupcake with a small handful of gf pretzels dipped in chocolate. I love this cute biting penguin food pick, so I had to add that, too. In the large section is a Pikachu provolone sandwich, with some highlighting done using food-safe markers.

All in all, these are 3 very easy lunches, each personalized very quickly. Having an assortment of food picks helps so much! Add in a variety of sandwich cutters and you’ve made some rather boring lunches much more fun and very individual!

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