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PostHeaderIcon Our first Halloween lunches

Yesterday’s Minion lunch for G2 was easy to work on as she was the only one who had school on Tuesday! (G1 and G3 had a professional development day) Today there’s a flip – G2 has a half day, so no lunch, and G1 and G3 have a full day. (G2 goes to our local charter school, so her school days run a bit differently than her sisters, who aren’t in the charter school) G1 and G3 both have Minion cupcakes, of course, but I added a Halloween twist to the rest of their lunch.

G1 halloween lunchG1′s lunch is packed in her Studio Ghibli Totoro Bento Box, which she loves, loves, loves. Having a cool lunch box is awesome, even when you’re 15! She also has a Thermos packed with homemade tomato soup. On the right, in the bottom section, are two slices of tofu. After slicing two thick pieces of tofu, I used a ghost cookie cutter to punch out ghosts. Then I pan fried the tofu, and put the uncooked ghosts back into the slices. I used a black food marker to make the eyes and mouth. The top part of the Totoro bento has little vents on the sides, so you can’t put anything into it that would leak or spill. In the top are golden tomatoes with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them with a black food marker, a minion cupcake, and a marshmallow ghost with two chocolate molds – a finger (with an almond fingernail) and an ear. I found the silicone people parts molds at Target’s 1 Spot, and the ghost marshmallows were also found at Target. The glow-in-the-dark spider ring is from Oriental Trading.

G3 halloween lunchG3′s lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox, with a dipping cup from her Laptop Lunchbox. She also has a Thermos with homemade chicken soup. On the right she has chocolate people parts and marshmallow ghosts as well as a Minion cupcake. On the left she has a dipping container filled with caramel dip from Whole Foods, sliced green apples (I dip them in water with a little lemon juice added to prevent browning), a couple “blood drops” made from cherry homemade fruit roll-up, and glow-in-the-dark fangs and spider from Oriental Trading as accents. The fangs were tricky to position – I ended up cutting them in half and propping them. Using both halves around the apple to “bite” it didn’t work at all. I’ll have to see if there’s anything else I can do to prop the fangs around the apples. 

G2′s un-photographed snack was chips, applesauce in a Penguin Squooshi pouch, and seltzer.

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