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PostHeaderIcon Only 6 More Days Until Halloween

Totoro and a ThermosThursday night G1 and I went out with a friend to shop for the fabric and notions needed for her Halloween costume. We are incredibly blessed to have a friend who loves sewing and also loves my daughters. After having a horrible time trying to find an adult sized Alice in Wonderland costume that was not $90, not “sexy Alice”, and not going to fall apart if you sneeze at it, we gave up and accepted our friend’s offer to make the costume.

All of the above is to say that last night was the second night in a row of not getting home until 10pm. So today’s lunch was super quick. G1 continued to want tomato soup in her Thermos, a small container of salad dressing, a salad,  & a cookie in her Totoro Bento Box. I think making cute bento boxes is my way of rebelling against her always wanting the same lunch day after day after day. Thankfully, she likes the cuteness and looks forward to it.

Halloween saladThe top (far right) portion of her Totoro Bento Box  has a jack-o-lantern clementine inside a spider silicone baking cup I found at AC Moore. Her gluten-free chocolate chip cookies complete with skull and bone sprinkles have two skeleton accents also picked up at a brick & mortar store. The bottom (left) portion has a salad. I used regular salad ingredients, then cut ghosts and a moon from tofu using my set of mini Halloween cookie cutters. The witch is cut using an old cookie cutter I had laying around, with minimal coloring done with food-safe markers. I also used the food-safe markers to make jack-o-lantern faces on the yellow tomatoes, and used the cookie cutters to cut pumpkins from an orange bell pepper.

To make the tofu decorations in G1′s lunches I take a large block of extra-firm tofu and slice it into four slices horizontally. This gives me the largest canvas possible to draw or use cookie cutters. I try to blot the tofu dry a bit with a paper towel, but it’s always pretty damp, so it’s hard to do more than minimal decorating.

Over all, this is a quick and fun lunch. Only a few more school lunches left before Halloween!

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