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PostHeaderIcon Only 3 more days until Halloween!

Our Halloween countdown continues. We didn’t eat any Halloween-themed meals over the weekend, but tomorrow night is our church’s “Trunk or Treat” and scary cake contest, so we did some prep over the weekend making bats, bugs, and body parts. G2 has come up with a brilliant plan for the scary cake. Here’s hoping the real cake looks even half as good as the plan!

And now for the Bentos…  We made Unicorn Poop cookies over the weekend (also known as rainbow meringues), but because I used Halloween colors, the girls decided they were too dark to be Unicorn Poop, so they must be Thestral Poop. I got a CuteZCute Animal Palz Press on Saturday, so you’ll see that show up in 2/3 of the lunches. The description on Amazon specifically says that it’s not ideal for gluten-free bread, but I figured they might not have used good GF bread. Yeah, it wasn’t ideal. But maybe that’s because my current favorite gf bread recipe includes chia seeds? Perhaps if I was using a white bread it would work better? Things to look into.

Batty tofu lunchG1 has tomato soup in her Thermos (again). Her Easy Lunchbox has tofu bats thanks to the new CuteZCute, a black food-safe marker for accents, and a bat food pick. She also has a spider silicone cup filled with homemade gf goldfish and a spider ring in the large section of the container. The top small section has a jack-o-lantern clementine, also detailed with a food-safe marker, complete with a cute witch’s hat. The lower section has 2 Thestral Poop cookies and a silicone muffin cup with a chocolate bat, made using melted chocolate and a bat cookie cutter, and a little yellow bat ring.

Bat sandwichesG2′s lunch is focused on two batty provolone sandwiches made using my new CuteZCute, a black food-safe marker to outline details, and a bat food pick as an accent. The rest of her lunch is the same as her older sister’s: chocolate bat, Thestral Poop cookies, jack-o-lantern clementine, and homemade gf goldfish in a spider-shaped silicone container, with a spider ring inside. I only wish I was there to see her open it. She’s a smidge arachnophobic. She also has a Halloween lunch joke tucked into her lunch box.

G3Breadstick and treats‘s lunch includes homemade chicken noodle soup in her Thermos. Her Easy Lunchbox includes a Chebe breadstick leftover from last night’s dinner, the spider silicone cup I found at AC Moore filled with homemade gf goldfish and a little spider ring. She also has the same bat chocolate, jack-o-lantern clementine, and Thestral Poop cookies found in her sisters’ lunches, plus a Halloween lunch joke.

All in all, a good day for lunches, just a few days before Halloween! It’s becoming more and more fun every day to walk around downtown Salem! Of course, the traffic is horrible, but everything has a cost.

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