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PostHeaderIcon On the first day of Thanksgiving lunches

my Mama gave to me …

OK, it’s not a real song, but it’s what was running through my head. Yesterday was absolutely crazy, and I didn’t get the lunches posted, so I’m doing Tuesday’s lunches now. G1 (the 15yo) and her friends really liked the Halloween lunches, and when the Halloween lunches were done and she started getting panda lunches again, her friends asked when she would get Thanksgiving lunches, so she came home last Friday and requested it. If I had been really organized the girls would’ve gotten 11-12-13 lunches, simply because that was so cool. I need to make sure next year’s 12-13-14 doesn’t pass me by!

All 3 lunches have Lunchbox Love Thanksgiving notes (they currently have a 15% off sale using the code HOME15). They’re slid into plastic card protectors so they can be recycled through each of the kids and not get icky in the lunches.

Turkey day lunch 1 G1On Monday night we had lasagna, so G1′s lunch is mostly lasagna in her Thermos. In her Totoro Bento Box she has, in the sealed bottom container, 2 silicone heart cups filled with pineapple chunks, decorated with turkey food picks. She also has a little panda container filled with Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top of her lasagna. I shouldn’t have put the Parmesan in that section of the bento – it got damp with the pineapple juice, and the whole container smelled horrible, so the pineapple wasn’t eaten. On the right, in the top, vented container, she has a Chebe gluten-free breadstick cut in half, and another silicone heart cup filled with chocolate-dipped gf pretzels and two milk chocolates made in a Thanksgiving mold. If I had just put the Parmesan in the top section, it would’ve all been eaten.

Over the weekend we had pizza on Sunday, so I made a new batch of pizza crusts. G2 and G3 both wanted pizza on Tuesday. G3 has two slices rather than a full pizza because I had made her a larger pizza for a sleepover on Sunday night, knowing her friends would be having pizza. Of course, in all the rush to get out of the house she forgot to take it with her, so she had leftovers for lunch. She’s incredibly blessed with wonderful friends who want to be prepared with gluten-free goodies, and had gone shopping at Whole Foods, and had gotten her a pizza and several other treats.

Turkey Day lunch 1 G3G3′s Easy Lunchbox has a bacon gf lunchbox pizza with a turkey food pick and a cheddar cutout of a turkey and part of a maple leaf from a set of Thanksgiving cookie cutters. At the top left she has a few chocolate-dipped gf pretzels and a milk chocolate cornucopia from a Thanksgiving mold. At the top right she has a couple Honeycrisp apple sections. At left she has her Bento Buddies snack box, with a few more Honeycrisp apple sections in a silicone heart cup with a turkey food pick, a turkey chocolate, and one of the last rainbow meringues (if kept airtight, they keep very well. They only lasted, though, because we had so much chocolate and other sweets, usually they disappear!). I made an error here, too – the juices from the apples made the meringue and chocolate all nasty, so from now on apples and pineapple need their own leak-proof containers.

Turkey Day lunch 1 G3G3′s Easy Lunchbox is very similar to G2′s. She has an olive gf lunchbox pizza, with a turkey food pick and a cheddar cutout of a turkey and part of a maple leaf from a set of Thanksgiving cookie cutters. On the top right she also has a chocolate cupcake with fudgy frosting and a chocolate turkey from the Thanksgiving mold. On the top left are a few Honeycrisp apple slices with another turkey food pick as decoration.

A good beginning to the Thanksgiving lunch season! We are grateful for our yummy lunches and our friends today.

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