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PostHeaderIcon No turkeys were harmed in the making of these lunches

When G2 decided to become a vegetarian, I didn’t think that would mean we’d all be eating a ton less meat. But, that’s exactly what it’s been meaning. Even “meat lite” such as chicken broth has been eliminated (except when I’m making chicken soup). I do like to use lard in my pie crusts, but I won’t be doing that this Thanksgiving. I may just use my turkey cookie cutter and make her fried tofu turkeys for Thanksgiving… Anyhow, here are 2 1/2 pre-Turkey day lunches without any meat.

Turkey sandwiches G2 You’ll notice that all 3 girls have have Lunchbox Love Thanksgiving notes in their lunches, slid into plastic card protectors so they don’t get all icky and can be reused. I really like these, and also really like their joke ones! (I’m not an affiliate, so I get nothing by telling you that they have a coupon for 25% off through 11/19 – CELEBRATE25)

G2 has turkey-shaped provolone sandwiches on homemade gluten-free bread in her Easy Lunchbox. I cut them using a Thanksgiving cookie cutter, and used food-safe markers to decorate. On the top right she has some baby carrots with a little bunny container filled with ranch and a turkey food pick. On the top left are two chocolates from a Thanksgiving mold. and one of the last 3 rainbow meringues.

G1 turkey day lunch partG1 had more lasagna in her Thermos. Lasagna is even better than tomato soup, apparently. After the previous day’s ruined pineapple, I put her pineapple decorated with a turkey food pick in a Lock & Lock within her Easy Lunchbox. It’s hard to find a short enough sealed container that’s big enough for the amount of fruit she wants. Hmmm… She also has some Glutino crackers at the top left, and a chocolate cornucopia and a rainbow meringue at the bottom left.

g3 turkey snacksG3 had a half day on Wednesday, so she just needed a big snack. As usual, she had seltzer and the container she always packs, but with Pirate’s Booty in it (she likes the cheese one, G1′s favorite is the veggie one, G2 hates both). Plus she had apples and a  turkey food pick in a Lock & Lock on the right, and a chocolate cornucopia and a rainbow meringue in the Lock & Lock at the left. Apparently these green apples that are not Granny Smith apples were too tart for my snowflake, so red apples only for her from now on.


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