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PostHeaderIcon Ninja lunches for Ninja day

After finding out that yesterday was Rainbow Dash Day, the girls asked me to find out if today was a special day. After much googling, I found out that today is Ninja Day. The girls each have a few of the Unstealthiest Ninja shirts from shirt.woot, so they put those on, and I tried to find a way to make Ninja lunches. This isn’t the first time I wished I had a set of Ninja cookie cutters, but they would’ve been perfect for today. Instead I just used a regular gingerbread man and a star for a Ninja throwing star.

Ninja G2 lunch G2′s lunch might well be the best of the Ninja lunches. She has a Lock & Lock with tomato soup, because her school has microwaves the students can use, and her sisters were using the two Thermos containers. So, in her Easy Lunchbox she has homemade gluten-free bread that was cut into the general shape of a Ninja and a throwing star, then toasted to a dark color and eyes drawn on with  food-safe markers. To her provolone and mustard sandwiches I added a homemade star food pick and most of the letters for the word NINJA (protip – buy at least two sets of alphabet food picks so you can write entire words). I’m claiming the second N in NINJA is being stealthy. The smaller section at the top right has baby carrots andlittle panda container filled with Ranch dressing. At the bottom right she has a cupcake-sized gluten-free chocolate chip cheesecake with an appropriate star-shaped chocolate on top, and a homemade star pick

Ninja lunch G3G3′s lunch has a Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup. In her Snoopy bento snack box she has a cheesecake with a star on top and a homemade star pick. In a Bento Buddies container she also has half a Honeycrisp apple, cut into sections and dipped in lemon juice to prevent browning. In her Easy Lunchbox she has tortillas that were cut into Ninja and star shape, then toasted in a skillet and decorated with food-safe markers. In the top side section she has a rainbow meringue that has a bit too much red & green food coloring. The bottom side section has half of a navel orange and a homemade star pick.

 Ninja lunch G1In G1′s Thermos she has leftover gluten-free spaghetti, marinara, and roasted garlic chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s. She has a few add-ons, too, of course. In her Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies container she has two Christmas-colored meringues and a homemade star pick. In her Snoopy bento snack box I packed her a set of Ninja and star toasted tortillas with some food-safe marker decorations. She also has another Bento Buddies container inside the Snoopy box, and in that she has some baby carrots and celery, plus ranch dressing packed into a little panda container. I added one more homemade star pick for good measure, too.

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