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I saw a recent Despicable Me Minion Lunch over at BentOnBetterLunches, and knew I needed to copy it attempt something similar. We went to Orlando this past April (we were there exactly 6 months ago!), and while we spent some time at each of the 4 Disney Parks and a day and a half at Sea World (we got to pet a penguin! and dolphins), we really went there to go to Universal for Harry Potter World. Not even our totally-Harry-Potter-obsessed family could spend 3 complete days at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so we spent time going through both Universal parks. Out of everything, one of the things that made the top lists of all 5 of us was the Despicable Me ride/experience. Loved it! G2 and my fiance went back twice while G1, G3, and I went on roller coasters. So much fun! So, of course, I had to attempt a Minion Lunch.

MMinion cupcakesost Minion bentos I’ve seen require a Twinkie. We can’t eat Twinkies, as they’re full of gluten. So, in my weekly cupcake making I frosted half with yellow buttercream and half with a fudgy frosting, as requested. We had some leftover homemade fondant from a penguin cake G2 made, so I covered a few of the fudgy frosted cupcakes with yellow fondant, then used black and white fondant to make eyes and goggle bands. I was a little limited, as I don’t yet have an 11 piece circle cookie cutter set, and had to make do with this 5 piece one. Of course I remembered after everything was made that I had some candy eyes. That would’ve been nice, as I could’ve made more eye patterns. I made some chocolate “hair”, but hadn’t put it on the cupcakes yet when this pic was taken.

Minion lunch G2’s vegetarian Minion lunch is packed in her new Laptop Lunch box. She has, clockwise from the top right,  a provolone sandwich on our new favorite gluten-free bread – minion face made from cheddar cheese, with provolone and nori accents. Next she has sliced apples (I dip mine in water with a little lemon juice to stop them from becoming brown) with a dipping container filled with chocolate syrup for she-who-hates-caramel. Next up are some homemade fruit rollups, then the chocolate minion cupcake with fudgy frosting and fondant. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Minion cupcake picks or hard figurines, and no one would’ve wanted a stuffed Minion in their lunch!

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