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As I was putting together these lunches, the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Club/Mouseketeers kept going around in my head. I stopped in at Michael’s last night to pick up a couple things, and also picked up some scrapbooking papers to use as background for bento pics. Seeing this Mickey Mouse paper on sale and remembering my Mickey food picks prompted me to make a series of Mickey Mouse lunches for today. One of my children may have decided I’ve gone around the bend if I’m buying papers for background, but ah well.

G2 MickeyG2’s lunch is the Mickey-est. In her Easy Lunchbox she has, at left, a silicone heart cup filled with MOMables-inspired gluten-free crackers and another with Havarti with dill cheese with the word Mickey in alphabet food picks. Below the cups is a Mickey face made with cheddar cheese, circle cookie cuttersfood coloring, and food-safe markers. In with the crackers and in with the chocolate covered peanut butter ball are Mickey Mouse head food picks. Mickey’s hand is in with some grapes, too.

G1 MickeyG1’s lunch has minimal Mickey Mouse. She has a Thermos with leftover pasta, sauce, and sausage from last night. In her Snoopy bento box she has a couple Glutino lemon wafer cookies and a satsuma. Mickey’s hand is reaching out from inside the satsuma. If Mickey has been eating the satsuma from inside, he’s lucky to be enjoying the sweet deliciousness of the satsuma. As an east coast girl, I had never heard of a satsuma until I started listening to the Maximum Fun podcasts. I thought they were just a west coast version of a clementine, but then I found some and tried it. Wow! Yum! Highly recommended.

G3 MickeyG3’s lunch has a medium Mickey level. She has another hand-painted (poorly, but I want points for trying) Mickey head in a silicone heart cup in her Easy Lunchbox. In the same section she has four slices of honey ham skewered with Mickey heads and Mickey hands. On the right she has a chocolate covered peanut butter ball  in one section and grapes in another. I’m hoping the grapes won’t somehow leak all over the rest of the food, as that seems to be G3’s ongoing lunch problem. Not in the picture is her snack of a Bakery on Main granola bar and a Honeycrisp apple.


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