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My daughters don’t always request special lunches. Sometimes G2 will beg for a My Little Pony or Pokemon lunch, or yesterday G1 asked for tofu pandas, but usually they’re just happy to get whatever I make. Today, though, G2 and G3 both asked for Mickey Mouse lunches. And I can’t think of Mickey Mouse without thinking of the Mousketeers theme song, something I’m not sure my girls even know, other than the few lines I sing periodically. I was glad to find out that I had all the letters to spell out Mickey’s name across two lunches, though.

photo 2G2 has a pretty simple Mickey Mouse lunch in her Easy Lunchbox. I got some Mickey Mouse food picks through eBay, and I’ve put Mickey hands into her grapes in the section at the top left. I used alphabet food picks to write out MICKEY, sticking them into ¬†Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookies at the bottom left. In the main section of her ELB G2 has Havarti with dill cheese in one silicone cup, and heart-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers in another cup. At the bottom of the main section is a Mickey Mouse silhouette on Provolone cheese which I made using two sizes of circle cookie cutters and food-safe markers. I’ve also included a Lunchbox Love note in her lunch to make her smile.


photo 1G3’s lunch is also a Mickey Mouse theme, and is also packed in an Easy Lunchbox. At the top right are two Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle cookies, one with a Mickey head sticking out of it, and one with the word MOUSE in alphabet food picks. At the bottom right are grapes with a Mickey hand and a Mickey head sticking out of them. In the main section of the ELB are two silicone cups, each with two Nut Thins cracker sandwiches with chocolate hazelnut spread. I used¬†food-safe markers to draw a Mickey silhouette on the crackers, too. She also has a Lunchbox Love note joke that will make her smile, and make her friend who searches her lunches for jokes smile, too.

I’m really glad that even though my kids are older than most bento-making parents’ kids, they still love getting a special lunch. The few times I’ve made a “normal” lunch since I started making bentos, they’ve complained. They tell me how much their friends look forward to seeing what I’ve done, which really makes me smile, and makes me want to keep making cute lunches.


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