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Last night I spent some time making Chebe bread mix creatures. They’re so cute! I’m really enjoying making these! It’s actually much easier than I thought it would be. I am going to have to put together a tutorial for the gluten-free folks.

In other news, we were planning to go to the Aquarium for MLK day, but it turned out everyone was tired, so we slept in. After we woke up, I bought bins and we started packing – we close on Wednesday! (though the house won’t be ready to move in for a bit, need heat & a new roof) If you’re at all curious about our ongoing changes, I’m blogging daily at A Year of Living Change-erously.

More penguinsG2’s Easy Lunchbox has Havarti with dill and fish-shaped MOMables-inspired gf crackers, each in a silicone heart cup. They are decorated with penguin and fish food picks as well as a snowflake. I also added penguin cheese and a fish with details written in food safe markers. In the top left section of the ELB she has a clementine and a green leaf pick. At the bottom left she has two chocolate chip cookies, a little thing of Sixlets, and a chocolate smiley face. She also has one of the Chebe animals, a penguin.

Kitty kitty lunchG1’s lunch is all about the kitties. In her Totoro Bento Box are some kitties – I used my CuteZCute Animal Press and a small animal press to make kitty tofu. Between sections she has a Chebe kitty with orange ears, and in the top section of her bento she has 2 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a smiley face chocolate, and an orange with a leaf food pick. She also has a Thermos is filled with hot tomato soup.

Another kitty kittyG3’s lunch is similar to G1’s. In her Thermos she has gluten-free chicken noodle soup. She also has a Honeycrisp apple (she’s going to be so sad when those go out of season soon!) and a Chebe kitty. For a snack and for a dessert she has Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers. In one is a chocolate chip cookie, a small string of Sixlets, and a chocolate smiley face. In her other Bento Buddy is some homemade chocolate pudding. This doesn’t look like a very big lunch, but the chicken noodle soup will fill her right up, and it’s unlikely she’ll even eat all of it.


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