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Rainbow Dash Day TattooI don’t quite know how these days are determined, but I was told that December 4th is national Rainbow Dash Day, so I made Rainbow Dash lunches for my two My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FIM) fans. After I made these My Little Pony lunches, and was criticized for not having a proper MLP cookie cutter, I found a really cool 3D printed My Little Pony cookie cutter on etsy. Today’s lunches are based on Rainbow Dash, with the exception of G1’s panda lunch.

Rainbow Dash G3

G3 has a good lunch today. Not pictured is her Thermos filled with chicken and rice soup. In her Snoopy bento box she has a snack of S’morables gluten-free graham crackers and half of a Honeycrisp apple, with a couple homemade Snoopy food picks. In her Easy Lunchbox she has a couple slices of Mozzarella cheese cut into Rainbow Dash’s shape, with appropriate details drawn using food-safe markers. Mozzarella works very well for this, much better than provolone. I added some fairy & unicorn stickers, as well as a Lunchbox Love Christmas note, both of which are packed in plastic sleeves to protect them from lunch ickiness. In the side sections of the Easy Lunchbox are the other half of the Honeycrisp apple and a cupcake-sized gluten-free chocolate chip cheesecake with a molded chocolate star on top. I added some alphabet food picks to spell most of Rainbow Dash’s name. 

Rainbow Dash G2

G2 doesn’t technically have a school lunch today – she has a tour at a private high school, and will be arriving at school just after lunch. I’m sure I’ll get her some type of little treat, but I wanted to let her have a little bit of a Rainbow Dash lunch, especially because she’s the one who let everyone know about Rainbow Dash Day. She also had orthodontic work done yesterday, and she wants soft foods, so she doesn’t have any crunchy fruit in her snack/lunch.

In her Easy Lunchbox, G2 has 2 slices of provolone cheese cut into Rainbow Dash’s shape, and decorated with food-safe markers. In the top right section she has a chocolate chip cheesecake with a chocolate star on top. Finally, I used some alphabet cookie cutters to write Rainbow Dash in American cheese.

Even more pandas G1

Despite the best efforts of her sisters, G1 isn’t obsessed with MLP:FIM, so she had another panda lunch. This is my go-to theme for her, especially when her sisters are getting something time-consuming! G1 also went to the orthodontist yesterday, so she has mostly soft food – she has some tomato soup in her Thermos, and also has treats in her Totoro Bento Box. On the left, in the bottom, sealed container, are tofu pandas made using the CuteZCute animal palz press and the CuteZCute panda cookie cutters. In the vented top section on the right some carrots & celery and a little bunny container filled with Ranch dressing with a panda food pick. She also has a gluten-free chocolate chip muffin and a few little fresh Mozzarella in a silicone heart cup, both with some other panda food picks. I added a Lunchbox Love Christmas note just for fun, too.

I’m waiting to hear how lunches are received at school today! G2 and G3 peeked, and they were so happy!

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