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PostHeaderIcon Halloween Countdown – 8 More Days!

Only 8 more days until Halloween!

G3 8h

Today’s two Halloween lunches belong to G1 and G3. I aimed for something on the easy side, as G2 and I had an open house to look at high schools in the area. I used some new decorative cutters to help carve the jack-o-lantern and ghosts, and wow! it makes it so much easier to make detailed cuts than a paring knife! I’m now sporting a band-aid thanks to misjudging sharpness of new tools.

G3 requested pizza again, so in her Easy Lunchbox we have a lunchbox-sized gluten-free pizza that fits perfectly in an ELB. Pepperoni bats fly over the cheese and bacon, with a witch and a bat food pick. In a silicone cup I cut up a mozzarella stick to make ghosts, and made eyes and a mouth with a black food marker. On the left she has another a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie complete with skull and bone sprinkles and a graveyard food pick. Below the cookie is another jack-o-lantern clementine with a scary face drawn on with black food marker and a leaf food pick on top.

G1 8h

G1 wanted a salad to go with her Thermos of tomato soup. Packed in her Studio Ghibli Totoro Bento Box on the left we have a cookie and my first attempt at a carved jack-o-lantern clementine, plus a cute little a hat on top. On the right we have ghosts in the pumpkin patch as a salad. I used these Halloween cookie cutters to cut a moon and ghosts out of tofu, then pumpkins out of an orange pepper purchased this past weekend specifically to cut up for use as pumpkins in a salad. I added a couple of graveyard food picks to the salad to make it a little spookier.

Both girls have Halloween Lunch Jokes, but sadly I can’t remember which ones. or witch ones.

This post is linked on What’s for Lunch Wednesday at as well as at I heart lunch at Following in My Shoes. This post is also linked on Bento Blog Network – Halloween Bentos and at Fun Food Friday at Eats Amazing.

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