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PostHeaderIcon FunBites and Encouraging Lunches

On previous Thursdays and Fridays I’ve mentioned that I only had to do lunches for G1, as the younger two were with their father. Well, he has a new job (yay! employment is good!), and needs to drop the girls off at 6am (boo!). He expects them to pack their own lunches at his house, so they asked me to make their lunches for Thursdays and Fridays. This means 21 lunches a week instead of 17. Somehow those 4 extra lunches seem like a lot.

Anyhow, after my monthly Movie Night last night (we saw The Great Gatsby, and it was gorgeous), I had to make their lunches. I didn’t get home from the movie until quarter after 11, so I needed to do quick and easy. G1 just made High Honor Roll, G2′s grades close next week, and G3 has auditions today and Monday for the school play. So, I used the You Did It! set of food picks to decorate their lunches, then decided it was time to break out the FunBites Square I had bought to make it cuter. FunBites worked so, so, so much better than I thought it would, even with GF bread and with slightly crunchy brownies! The girls all have Lunchbox Love jokes today, too. Two are recycled from yesterday thanks to the plastic sleeves that keep them dry and not icky.

A plus workG1 has an unpictured Thermos with leftover gluten-free spaghetti, sauce, and sausage. In her Totoro Bento Box she has pineapple chunks in the bottom, sealed, section. She has a mini fork with a heart on it, some panda food picks, and a pick to show off her A+ work. I’m so proud of her I was willing to risk embarrassing her!  In the top, vented section she has a mini panda container with Parmesan for her spaghetti, then brownies cut up using the FunBites Square and skewered on stars and pirate swords, and laid in panda cups. The last time I gave her pirate swords she and her friends had a duel during lunch. I’m curious to find out if that happens again. I wouldn’t suggest giving them to young kids in elementary school, as they’d likely be taken away as a weapon, but in high school they don’t police them as much.

youre number 1G3 had some chicken and rice soup at my mother’s during lunch after her last half day, so she broke with her chicken noodle soup tradition and requested that for lunch in her Thermos.  In her Easy Lunchbox she has a few animal-shaped bread punches cut from one slice of gluten-free bread, and quick details with food-safe markers. In the smaller of the two sections on the right are brownies cut into squares and impaled on pirate swords. I’m fairly confident that the 4th graders aren’t well policed for possible lunch weapons – our school has one large school for all the 4th-6th graders, and they eat in the cafeteria rather than in their classrooms as they did for K-3. In the larger section are a few Honeycrisp apple sections with a You’re #1 pick.

In her Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies snack boxes she has a brownie that says “HI” with alphabet food picks and some pineapple chunks that tell her she’s a Star Talent. I hope her first day of auditions goes well! She has a second day of auditions coming up on Monday, and they’ll find out roles the Monday after Thanksgiving.

G2′s lunch was easiest today. Which is good. She was supposed to have “WWI artifacts” for her exhibition project that was due today. We didn’t have access to any actual artifacts, so she had to make them. They each wrote a realistic fiction short story about WWI, and G2 wrote about Christmas in the Trenches. Sadly, her teacher cut most of the funny bits she had written, but didn’t cut the part about the Red Baron battling a Sopwith Camel. :) Yay Snoopy! Ahem. Anyhow, she needed to bring in a helmet and wine bottles (with homemade labels), plus a huge tri-fold poster board which was decorated with Christmas lights, photos, etc. By the time we were finished, I had burned myself a few times with the hot glue gun, she had used up all of our glitter glue, begged several favors (it’s not easy for a Mormon to find empty wine bottles), and I was fed up with both her and her Charter School. So, her Lunchbox Love note reminds her that I love her to pieces (plus there’s a joke on the back).

youre awesomeG2′s Easy Lunchbox includes a provolone and cheese sandwiches on homemade gluten-free bread cut up with the FunBites Square and skewered on stars and pirate swords, Her Charter School is the one I worry most about with the pirate swords. It’s rather a hippie school, and they could categorize them as weapons, especially if she and her friends duel. She has fewer kids in her school than either sister has in just their grade, so there’s a lot closer supervision. In the small section at the top right she has a brownie with a You’re Awesome pick, because she is, even when she’s annoying. In the bottom right section she has Honeycrisp apples with two cute penguin food picks that (when you can actually see them properly) look like the penguins are eating her apples.


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