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It’s been a while since I made a Pokemon lunch, and while I’ve really liked making 3D Pokemon out of rice, this time I only had time to draw a Pokemon onto the cheese for her pizza. Everyone was sick yesterday, and my headache has been hurting, so we didn’t have any good lunches yesterday. Today’s lunch was simple – leftover pizza, and G2’s lunch was the one decorated to look cute. (G1 is still home sick with a fever.)

When we were talking about what they wanted for lunch last night, G2 told me, “My friend comes in with prepackaged cookies, prepackaged chips, and a soup. How do people live that way? No cute lunches! It’s sad.” So she gets the cutest lunch today!

FroakieIn G2’s Easy Lunchbox she has two leftover slices of homemade gluten-free pizza. On top of the pizza is a slice of cheese on which I drew a Froakie using food safe markers. In the top right section she has two Joe’s Joes, Trader Joe’s gluten-free oreos, and in the bottom right section she has a Chebe bread mix panda. Finally, in her Squooshi penguin she has some applesauce I blended with leftover strawberries. Overall a pretty yummy lunch, and one that will fill her up until she comes home. No more play practice, so she’ll be home at a reasonable time again!

G3 also had an Easy Lunchbox with all the same ingredients, but her Squooshi was filled with regular applesauce.

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