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Cake & cupcakesThis weekend we had multiple Christmas parties to attend. We were invited to 4, two were cancelled due to a snowstorm, and one new one popped up, so we went to three. Two required us to bring dessert, so we made a Christmas tree cake and some snowmen cupcakes. Very fun! Of course, one of the cancelled parties is being rescheduled for next week, so we can make another set of cupcakes for that.

We ended up with quite a few leftovers, as many other people brought desserts, so you’ll see cake and cupcakes in place of cookies in lunches this week! After the multiple parties, I ran out of steam, so lunches are pretty simple today.

This is our Meatless Monday post, so none of the lunches have any meat in them. After G2 went vegetarian the whole family started to eat less meat, which is working out very well for all of us. Well, except for G3, who adores meat of any kind.

Rudolf lunchG1’s lunch is a Thermos, full of tomato soup, plus some treats in her Totoro Bento Box. The vented section at the bottom left has a EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper with pineapple chunks, and a snowman cupcake. The sealed section at the top right has two tofu reindeer. When I get a new package of tofu, I slice it long-ways into four large slices. For the reindeer I took one of those slices and cut it into 4 triangles. I stacked the triangles on top of each other to make 2 reindeer. I found some reindeer horn food picks at a local shop, and used them, plus food-safe markers, to turn the triangles into reindeer. Easy and fun!

Elf lunchI was really excited about G2’s Elf lunch, but it doesn’t look as good in the picture as it did in real life! *sigh* Anyhow, in her Easy Lunchbox she has a provolone cheese and mustard sandwich on gf bread cut into the shape of an elf and then an elf hat (hat was made by cutting the curves off a heart and turning it upside down). I used provolone, face-punched nori, and soy paper for the details. I also cut two snowflakes out of provolone and added a snowflake pick for fun. At the right she has half of a Honeycrisp apple with the word ELF cut into it using a paring knife. She also has some of the cake and the angel from the top of it in the larger side section.

Hat lunchG3’s lunch is also simple. In her Easy Lunchbox she has a grilled cheese on  gf bread cut into the a Santa or elf hat and as well as a snowflake cut out of sliced mozzarella cheese. She has the other half of the Honeycrisp apple with the word ELF cut into that, as well. In the final section of her Easy Lunchbox she has a snowman cupcake. In her Snoopy bento box she has a clementine and a slice of cake with a star on top inside a silicone heart cup.

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3 Responses to “Elves, Snowmen, and Reindeer, oh my!”

  • Lydia says:

    Love your snowman cupcakes, so cute! I’ve had the better in real life thing happen all.the.time-(I had a scarecrow lunch once that looks positively scary in my photos. :/ It’s so frustrating but at least I know the kids got to see them in all their glory…or something. ;)Your lunches look good though esp. the little elf one. (Coming over from meatless Mondays at bento for kidlet.)

  • dukan says:

    Wow, incredible blog. And Merry Christmas!

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