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After spending years making boring, but healthy, lunches for my daughters, I started browsing Bento blogs and discovering that it isn’t very hard to make really cool-looking lunches!

I have 3 daughters. G1 is 15, and has the common teenage girl loves, plus she loves pandas, flowers, and cute animals. G2 is 13, loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Penguins. And her iPad. G3 is 10 and loves Harry Potter, Pokémon, My Little Pony, and dogs. She begs regularly for a dog. A dog bento might need to be forthcoming soon.

My first bentos were Pikachu bentos for the younger two girls. I followed a picture I saw online and think I did ok. I’m glad I have the love of cooking and baking to help me through this new passion!

Pikachu rice with Babybel pokeball

(This is rice with some yellow food coloring, shaped into a Pikachu form with cheese melted on top. Tomato peel for Pikachu’s cheeks and mouth and Nori for the eyes & ears. Pokéball is a Babybel cheese with Nori and cheese accents.)

Then I got a Pokémon sandwich cutter, so I started making BL(noT) sandwiches for G3. She loves them!

Pikachu BL(noT)


(Pikachu is made on homemade GF bread. Also in this bento are homemade peach & cherry fruit leathers cut into elephant and flower shapes. She also has 2 Halloween sugar cookies and a sliced peach)


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