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I’m keeping up to date on NaNoWriMo, and did a brief write-in with one of my friends last night after meeting for dinner. After getting home I spent far too long helping G1 finish reading a chapter in her History textbook (seriously, why doesn’t she have an audiobook version of this? I thought I was done reading for her. This should be in her IEP). The fun part of reading about feudalism in the Middle Ages is relating it back to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the play Spamalot, which our little family saw with her grandparents and cousins. After making something for her to eat and helping with the reading, I was wiped out. When I asked her what she wanted for lunch, she replied “something simple”. No problem! It’s amazing what a few food picks and a cookie cutter can do in a very short period of time! It went from an uninspired, though healthy, lunch to a panda-riffic lunch in moments.

Even more pandasIn the back you can see G1’s Thermos. Today she doesn’t have of tomato soup! Instead she has leftover gluten-free pasta, marinara sauce, and chicken sausage. I topped that mixture with cute little pandas cut out of a slice of mozzarella using a Panda Cookie Cutter. The bottom (far right) of her Totoro Bento Box has 3 silicone heart cups and two panda mini forks, plus a panda food pick. As I’ve mentioned before, the bottom seals tightly and doesn’t leak and the top has vents on the sides, so nothing that goes in the top can be juicy. In the top section she has a Chebe gluten-free breadstick in a panda muffin cup, as well as a silicone heart cup with a gluten-free & dairy-free chocolate chip Rice Krispie treat with a a panda food pick on top. All in all, a good lunch. 

This lunch was truly done in less than 10 minutes. It was longer than it should’ve been to prep, though, as I had overfilled the Thermos, and had to wipe it off and empty a bit before the lid would close. If you don’t make rookie mistakes, it’s even faster.

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