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This is what happens on a Sunday when you’re trying to do NaNoWriMo, and make bentos, and go to church, and bake for the week, and try to supervise your kids doing homework. You blank on really brilliant ideas and settle for relatively easy.

Another penguin lunch

G2 continues to really like be obsessed with penguins. (As in, she’s planning to become a penguinologist when she grows up, and is really pushing herself in math and science to achieve this.) When I asked what she wanted for lunch she just said “something cute”. So here she goes. I’m really happy that she still wants cute at 13! In the main section of her Easy Lunchbox G2 has a lunchbox gf pizza with olives. I used the instructions from iPackLunch for making a cutout on the top of the pizza, and used a penguin sandwich cutter on cheddar cheese to make the penguin shape. After the two cheeses had melted I added a little black olive eye and bow tie. In the smaller container on the right there are two black olive & cream cheese penguins with hat food picks and a toothpick to hold them together. In a silicone cup there are two pieces of tofu cut with a penguin food cutter. The lower section has a silicone cup with a penguin gummy and 3 Glutino gluten-free pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate, and a clementine with two different penguin food picks.


G1 has, yet again, Thermos of tomato soup. Her Totoro Bento Box has more of a farm theme. At left, in the bottom, sealed compartment she has 3 sheepies made using the CuteZCute Animal Palz. 1 is made out of hard boiled egg, the other two out of tofu. She also has 3 pigs made out of yellow bell pepper using a pig food cutter to round out the barnyard theme. In the top, vented side she has a sheep food pick in her pineapple, which I put inside a Lock & Lock to make sure it won’t leak. I also included two rainbow meringues, and a cow gummy silicone cup. I tucked a couple gf pretzels dipped in chocolate in around the edges after I took this picture.

Kitty & elephant lunchI made a tactical error with G3′s lunch. She told me that the kitty made from the CuteZcute cutter on her lunchbox gf pizza should’ve been an elephant. I do have an elephant sandwich cutter, but I was thinking how much she likes kitties, not elephants. Somehow that was incredibly wrong, and therefore I don’t care about her. Aaah, the drama of girls.  To make it up to her  I added as many elephants as possible to the rest of her lunch. In the top right of her ELB is a little bunny-shaped silicone cup with a gummy heart, plus a rainbow meringue. The lower section has a heart-shaped silicone cup with two yellow bell pepper elephants and 4 tofu elephants cut with an elephant food cutter, and two elephant food picks.

Elephant snack

In her Bento Buddies snack box, G3 has pineapple with an elephant food picks, a few gf pretzels dipped in chocolate, and a rainbow meringue.


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