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Today we only had two lunches again (G1 is still sick, and is going to the dr. later). G3 is on a field trip, so she needed to pack a completely disposable lunch. G2 is the only one with a “normal” lunch, and hers is special because she’s doing a “shadow day” at a local Catholic high school. I hope the kids there think her lunch is cool, like the kids at the Charter school do, rather than thinking it’s weird. Crossing fingers on that one.

AngelsG2’s theme for the day is Angels. I wanted her to remember that Heavenly Father is watching over her, and she’ll be ok. She doesn’t like large groups of people, and she doesn’t like new situations, so while she had a tour of the private school and took a test there, she had never been there without me. In her Easy Lunchbox she has a couple silicone heart cups. Each cup has cheese and homemade gluten-free crackers, alternating angels and rectangles. Also in the large section is an American cheese sun at left and 4 singing provolone cheese angels below. The faces on the angels were made with food-safe markers. At top right she has a slice of chocolate cake with a fondant candy cane and alphabet food picks spelling out ANGEL (the G was mistakenly made as a Q – in one set of letters I have no G and 2 Qs). At the bottom right is a clementine with a snowflake pick stuck in it as an accent.

Arctic crittersG3’s completely disposable lunch is packed into a “family size” cherry tomato container from BJs. She has two Juicy Juice fruit punch drinks (one for snack and one for lunch). For fruit, she has a clementine with a polar bear homemade food pick and an applesauce pouch. Her protein is two ham roll-ups held in place with a bunny and an arctic fox food pick. Finally, she has some Cape Cod barbeque potato chips and a Frosty cupcake.



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