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PostHeaderIcon A very panda lunch

Happy Halloween!I’m so sad Halloween is over! It’s one of my favorite holidays, and it’s so fun to make Halloween bentos! We definitely eked every last bit of joy out of Halloween with church, school, trick-or-treat for the youngers with their dad, and a night in Salem for G1, 3 of her friends, my fiancé, and the friend who sewed costumes for me and G1. Costumes clockwise from top left – Alice in Wonderland, Penguin, Harry Potter and a Devil, and Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty.

A very panda lunchG1 requested a panda-centered lunch today (and no tomato soup!). She enjoyed the many Halloween lunches I had made, but she was ready for a change, and pandas are her favorite animal. In the large section of her Easy Lunchbox she has a cute printable lunch joke and a salad with panda tofu and 2 bears cut out of bell pepper. In the small section at the top right she has some panda baran and a panda hard boiled egg made with the CuteZCute Animal Palz. Bottom right has a panda cup, a panda cookie, and 2 meringues.

Panda pineappleWith the addition of the panda egg, there wasn’t space for the pineapple in her ELB, so I put it in a Lock & Lock with some panda picks. G1 and G3 complained about pineapple leaking in their last lunches, so I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again.

If you don’t count the cooking and chilling time for the panda egg (and I don’t, really, as I was cleaning the kitchen while that happened, so it wasn’t really bento prep), this took much less than 15 minutes. Top some leftover salad with a few cut-outs of bears, add some panda decorations, and you’re done!

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