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PostHeaderIcon 9 Days until Halloween!

Halloween9 jokesLast night we had homemade pizza. It actually started by me making lunchbox-sized pizza crusts, inspired by various bento blog posts I had read that included pizzas in lunches. I had other dinner plans, but when the girls saw I had made crusts, they (oddly enough) wanted pizza for dinner. So, lunches today were leftover pizza. G3 is the only one who ate her entire pizza – she is either having a growth spurt or has a hollow leg – so she has a lunchbox pizza. It was nice to have everyone have the same lunch! That never seems to happen. I also remembered the Halloween Lunch Jokes for G3 (top) and G2 (bottom). G3 has flute today, so she got the instrument joke.

R Lunch H9G1 didn’t need a lunch today, so I’m including a picture of my lunch. I don’t usually bother to make mine fun, but since I didn’t need to make a lunch for G1, and everyone had pretty much the same lunch, it was worth the few extra moments to make it look cute. It definitely made it more fun to open today!

In an Easy Lunchbox I have: a slice of white pizza with a small provolone ghost decorated quickly with a black food marker. Next to the pizza is a little dipper filled with hummus and a black olive spider. I’ve also got a homemade cherry fruit roll-up in a silicone cup with a graveyard food pick. In the top, smaller section I have a clementine with a jack-o-lantern face drawn on and a hat. In the larger container I have a bunch of carrots and celery (to dip in the hummus), and a bat food pick.

 G2′s Easy Lunchbox has: G2 9H2 slices of pizza, decorated with provolone cheese ghost. In the same compartment she has a homemade fruit roll-up in a silicone cup with a bat food pick. In the smaller, top section she has a clementine jack-o-lantern, complete with a leaf food pick. In the bottom section is a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe complete with skull and bone sprinkles and a graveyard food pick.

G3 9HG3′s Easy Lunchbox has: a bacon-topped lunchbox-sized pizza. I decorated it with a little black olive spider and two provolone ghosts and a a graveyard food pick. She has a homemade fruit roll-up in a silicone cup with a cat food pick in the same container. At the top right she, also, has a clementine jack-o-lantern decorated using a black food marker, with a bow on top. In the larger section she has a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe complete with skull and bone sprinkles and a witch food pick.

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