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These are 4 animal themed lunches from this week. 3 out of 4 are packed in our Easy Lunchboxes. Those are our current favorites, and they fit beautifully in the Land’s End lunchbags my kids have. The panda salad lunch is packed in a Goodbyn box, which is how we started bento boxing. We like those boxes, too, and find that we can use them for almost anything. They’re a tighter fit in the LE lunch bags, but still work well. All four were fairly easy and fast. The first lunch, with the penguin olives, took the longest, but now that I’ve made it once it will be faster. The other three took less than 15 minutes to make, and the penguin lunch was close to that, possibly a bit over.

Penguin LunchThis first lunch is a provolone sandwich for G2 (have you noticed a theme with her lunches?) cut using a penguin sandwich cutter. I used nori and a nori face punch for the eyes. I carved a bit of baby carrot for the beak. Between the sandwiches is a silicone cup with 3 black olive penguins inside. For those I turned them big side down and cut a belly out of the bottom and filled it with cream cheese. Then I put a sliver of baby carrot through the small end of the 2nd olive. I attached them with a toothpick and cut the top of the toothpick off. G2 is 13, but if she were younger I’d have used a plastic pick to avoid any choking hazards.In the two side compartments are homemade fruit roll-ups and a chocolate cupcake with a misshapen leaf on top. The misshapen part is my fault – the fondant I was working with had gotten warm.



The second lunch is a kitten and bunny lunch for G3. She has a BL(noT) on gluten-free bread with the versitile CuteZcute cutter using the kitten face punch.  We also have more homemade fruit roll-ups in a silicone cup next to the sammich. The apples in the section on the right were peeled with a bit of a bunny face and ears left on. They’re cute even when they’re imperfect. :) On the bottom we have a gf chocolate cupcake with a pumpkin cut out of orange fondant for a topper.


Panda salad


This is a Goodbyn panda salad lunch box I made for G1. She loves salads for lunch, so I used a panda cookie cutter to cut and indent the tofu into panda shapes. I also used vegetable cutters to cut the cucumbers and red peppers into flower shapes. Not shown is the great little dressing container I bought for her – it doesn’t leak, and you can’t lose the lid! I’m still on the lookout for a cute one, that works as well. In the second section are the same apples cut into imperfect bunny shapes. Finally, we have panda cookies, made using the panda cookie cutter and my gf sugar cookie recipe. I split the dough in half and added a couple tablespoons of cocoa so there would be dark dough as well as light. 


Elephant tofu This final animal bento is another lunch made for G1. She had a thermos filled with tomato soup and a peach, but needed some protein, crunch, and a dessert. The tofu was cut using an elephant sandwich cutter, with nori cut in the general shape of ears, then used a nori face punch for the eyes. The top side section has homemade goldfish crackers cut with these animal-shaped vegetable cutters, as well as a fishie one. On the bottom we have a gf chocolate cupcake with a pumpkin cut out of orange fondant for a topper. I used food markers to make the jack-o-lantern face.

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