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PostHeaderIcon 2 Turkeys a Squirrel and some fall fun

I browniesHappy Monday! We had a busy weekend (including G2 and G3 each making a pan of gluten-free brownies – G2 decorated hers with her initial in MnMs, G3′s had caramel and mini MnMs added to the mix), and last week felt very busy all week. It might’ve just been because it started with the girls having a day off from school that I didn’t have off from work. This week should be calmer. We just have 2 kids in play practice, ice skating and bow-making on Tuesday, usual chaos plus my movie night with friends on Wednesday, the release of Catching Fire on Thursday… oh! And my ex started a new job today, so he’ll be dropping off kids who stayed with him Weds or Thurs nights at 6:30am the next day. Fun. Plus, I’m still doing NaNoWriMo. I may be crazy.

I totally scored, though. There was someone on Freecycle giving away a cardboard box filled with cookie cutters! A lot were Christmas and Hannukah shapes, but there were others, too.

Today I packed the girls some more of the Thanksgiving Lunchbox Love notes in their Thanksgiving-themed lunches, slid into plastic card protectors so they don’t get icky. I’m so glad I take pictures of the lunches! Now I can pack a note that was in G1′s lunch into G2′s, and so on. I do have one concern – our local fair had the world’s largest pumpkin ever weighed in 2012, and it “only” weighed 2009 lbs. So, I think the Lunchbox Love folks are off a bit on their 2020lbs measurement. Other than that, the girls and I have been very happy with the notes.

Bacon TurkeysToday G3 was the only one who didn’t bring a Thermos. Her lunch was pretty easy, though. She has two BL(no T) turkey-shaped sandwiches on homemade gluten-free bread in her Easy Lunchbox. I decorated them with food-safe markers and added a couple leaf food picks as well for color. At the top right she has a brownie with a  turkey food pick. At the bottom right are some Honeycrisp apples dipped in lime juice to stop them from getting brown, with a cute scarecrow for decoration. She also had a separate container with another brownie and more apples for her snack.

MLA fall lunch partsG1 took the last of the lasagna in her Thermos. In her Totoro Bento Box she has, at left in the top, vented container, two of the caramel/MnM brownies with a scarecrow and a turkey food pick. At right, in the sealed bottom container, she has some pineapple chunks with another turkey food pick and a leaf for color. She is lucky enough to have the disputed Lunchbox Love card – the largest pumpkin was 2009lbs!

IAA squirrelG2′s lunch included a Thermos filled with gluten-free ravioli and homemade marinara sauce. In her Easy Lunchbox she has a piece of gf chocolate bread (just my regular gluten-free bread with a couple tablespoons of cocoa added) cut into the shape of a squirrel and some acorns. I used a dab of peanut butter to affix the shapes to the ELB, and then used a schmear of peanut butter and raspberry jam to top the squirrel and acorns. His eye is a mini chocolate chip. In the small section at the top right under the turkey there’s one of the brownies she made, complete with a few mini MnMs.  At the bottom right are some Honeycrisp apples dipped in lime juice to stop them from getting brown, with a little scarecrow and a leaf as decoration.

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